Interviews with Ukrainian Gymnasts


Anna Bessonova : "I'm ready to take over Kabaeva and Tschaschina", 2003

Viktoria Bessonova "Gymnasts must have expression", 2003

Lesya Tkachenko, who is presenting light

The Deruigins. The Flight. 2002

The Cheerful wind of Elena Vitrichenko, 2002

Tamara Yerofeeeva "The Year of Tamara Yerofeeva"

Anna Bessonova : "Gymnastics is everything for me". 2002

Tamara Yerofeeva could have opened her own museum, 2002

Elena Tkachenko : "I can understand people, who ran away from Ukraine"

Tamara Yerofeeva : "It's silly not to take gold medals from World Championships", 2002

Elena Vitrichenko. Second breath. 2002

Elena Vitrichenko's husband forbids her to tell bad anecdotes, 2002

Anna Bessonova on Deruigina Cup 2002

Ekaterina Serebrianskaya. Coming back, 2001

Anna Bessonova in Deventer 2001

Elena Vitrichenko at Berlin World Cup 2001

Olena Tkachenko : "I'll have enough time to be on the podium"

Tamara Yerofeeva : "I want to be first not only in Ukraine"

Elena Vitrichenko: "The main is not to envy anybody in your life", 2001

Albina Deruigina's interview, 2001

Elena Vitrichenko : "Thanks gymnastics for the lessons of life

Anna Bessonova : "Like my father I'm good with ball"

Tamara Yerofeeva, 2000

Victoria and Anna Bessonova, 2000

Anna Bessonova, 2000

Ekaterina Serebrianskaya : "I want some normal female happiness"

Ekaterina Serebrianskaya : "After retirement I was eating without stop"

Anna Bessonova :"Mom wanted me to be ballerina"

Albina Deruigina, 2000

Hot-line with Elena and Nina Vitrichenko, 2000

Elena and Nina Vitrichenko, 2000

3 interviews with Nina Vitrichenko, 2000

Irina Deruigina 2000

Oksana Skaldina 1999

Ekaterina Serebrianskaya, 1997

Alexandra Timoshenko 1992

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