Anna Bessonova : "Like my father, I'm good with ball"

The walls of the corridor, which lies to the main hall of "Deruigins School" are covered with smiling winners of European and World Championships, Olimpic Games. But the happiness of triumph is only one side of the medal. On the other side there are tiring trainings, when sometimes after such trainings you can become unconscious. In such conditions Anna Bessonova, the daughter of brilliant sportsmen,  is going to her Olimpic aim.

- When I phoned to your home, your father said that you were on the job...Since what time Rhythmic Gymnastics became a job for you?

- The October Palace, where we train from the morning till night, has been the second home for me for six years. And I don't count the first lessons. And if to think, I didn't have any other way of life except rhythmic gymnastics. When I was little, I liked Sasha Timoshenko a lot, our Olimpic Champion. She performed with lots of expression and each of her routines I tried to learn by heart. I was looking through gymnastics magazines and the example of my mom was making me continue the family deals. My mom herself brought me to the section, though, if to say correctly, I made her do that.

- So there are one more gymnast in Bessonovs family. How did the head of the family behaved?

- It was very important for my father to "engage" me in one sport, is that rhythmic gymnastics of football. But when I got some success, he, at last, paid attention for me. He had to say that I didn't make a mistake with the choice of my sports way

- Does Volodymyr Vasiliyevich tell you about his football worries?

- I and my mother always ask him how is he. My father tells something and we pretend like we understand something. Of course, we are really fans of our fathers' team

- If I don't mistake, your brother also became a sportsman, didn't he?

- You are right. He is a tennis player. Earlier he studied in the Spanish tennis academy, then he continued his studies in Kyiv and not a long time ago he went to the USA. You can imagine how many times we meet.

- Will you both try to go to Athens 2004?

- Why not? We both want to get the tops, which weren't reached by our parents

- If to believe the words of Yana Klochkova, who got 2 gold and 1 silver on Olimpics in Syndey, the partners of her Olimpic team were cold to her medals, even they envied, what shows unhealthy atmosphere in the team. What are the relations in your gymnastics family?

- All gymnasts of my group are my friends. And there are can't be another. During the time of competitions and trainings, we became like sisters and like no one else can understand each other. I think that Tamara Yerofeeva is the fair leader of our National team now. 

- Lots of time you spend abroad. Which of the countries made the biggest impression on you?

- It was Spain, for sure. The face of each country is its nation. And the Spanish impressed me a lot with their kindness. There was European Championships in Zaragoza and it collected a really great crows! All thought that only football is famous there. We were very well met by the fans. And not only with clapping. I brought lots of presents from Spain, which I gave to my relatives

- What do you like more : to give or to be given the presents?

- The first, for sure. Because I know that those people, who didn't I forget about, won't forget about me in the future. I always got some surprises from abroad trips of my parents. And they were always very nice. I'm sure that the same will be on the New Year, which one, as a tradition, we will celebrate with the family : me, mom, dad, granny and grandpa. That's a pity that my brother won't come.

- Is there is your family a traditional New Year food

- No, because the New Year we always celebrate in the new way. That's why with my mom , we always try to cook something special

- That means that you like cooking, don't you?

Yes! But, like gymnastics, I have to study in cooking a lot.

- What about the studying in the sports internat?

- I graduate from it next year. And at once I will go to the University of physical culture and sports, where all my friends of the team study.

- About your good knowledge, I think it isn't very right to speak...

- Why? I'm good at English, which for sure will help me in the future. As you understand, I'm not very good at other school subjects. There is nothing to hide. Some times you will come to that internat, but even then all your thoughts are in the trainings home. I can only relax during the films, shown in "Cinema Palace", which is near the Deruigina School.

- One of the best gymnasts of Ukraine has to go there free....

- Well, not free, but they make discounts for us.

- Did you have a wish to play in the film?

- I have never thought about it. Though myself in the film about rhythmic gymnastics, I would play with pleasure

- Which routines in your competitive program do you like the best?

- The highest scores I get with the ball, but my favourite apparatuses are ribbon and rope

- And what about your hobby?

- I don't have time for it, the same as for the private life. You have to reject from lots of things for rhythmic gymnastics. For example, in the tasty things. Sometimes you want to stop the trainings. But in the morning you get up and with fresh strength go to the sports hall.

- Are you sure in tomorrow's day? Do you have people, who are read to support you always?

- Yes. Those people are my parents. But you have to depend only from yourself. Unfortunately, now there is an increadible situation with those new rules, so I can't make any sports plans. Our coaches are, certainly, optimistic, they ask us to train harder and then, as they say, all will be OK. I want to believe in that.

- Let's imagine your life in the future: would you bring your daughter in gymnastics?

- I would even coach it myself!

- So, when you stop competiting, you think to become a coach?

- Yes, I do. All girls do like this. And there is nothing strange in that, because rhythmic gymnastics is the love for the whole life. I like to come to see our perspective juniors training...There is so much love in their eyes!

- Did you have any accidents in your life?

- The God was kind to me. But I will never forget our arrival from international competition in Tokio. Do you remember it? During the flight, the plane got in a very dangerous air line. I thought I will loose consciousness!

- Huh, I won't forget it too! Perhaps that's not a very good question, but what do you think about the conflict of your school and the school of Serebrianskaya in the Crimea?

- Well, that's not my problems. My work is to train and to be successful on the competitions. And we are friends with the girls from Serebrianskaya's School.

- Is it pity for you, when you are judged unfair?

- Such things, unfortunately, happen. But I don't really mind about that. At first, I search the reason of my low scores in my routine

- What will you say if suddenly you will receive a proposition to become a judge?

- "All what you want, but not this..."

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