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In this part of the site, I want to thank to some people, which helped me with this site:

First of all, I would like to thank all the coaches, who spend (spent) their time to produce numerous graceful Ukrainian gymnasts, which brought and bring joy to the spectators all over the world : Irina Deruigina, Albina Deruigina, Galina Beloglazova, Viktoria Bessonova, Luibov Serebrianskaya, Oksana Rizatdinova, Ludmila Kuzmichiova, Lidia Yavorskaya, Zoya Tolsteneva, Irina Glushak, Natalia Zhadanova, Elina Khozlu and many, many others. Special thanks to the foundator of Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics : Valentina Zinchenko. If I remembered coaches, I couldn't forget about the gymnasts. Of course, there were millions of Ukrainian gymnasts in the past 50 years, but I will name the most shining of them : Viktoria Serikh (Bessonova), Zhanna Vasura, Irina Deruigina, Elina Khozlu, Alexandra Timoshenko, Oksana Skaldina, Ekaterina Serebrianskaya, Elena Vitrichenko, Elena Gatilova, Tatiana Popova, Anna Bessonova, Tamara Yerofeeva and Natalia Godunko. There were a lot of brilliant gymnasts who moved to other countries. Among them were Elena Tkachenko, Svetlana Rudalova and Ekaterina Pisetsky who succesfully compete(d) for their countries. Without the people mentioned above, this site wouldn't have appeared

Now a few words about people, whose help was enourmous :

Dayang Maisarah - she helped me with html and answered some of my question about CorelDRAW! (the program, where my graphics were made).
Marjan Krebelj - I wish to thank him for his opinion about the graphics (even if they often were subjective, huh). He was one of the first people, who saw them. Thanks Marjan and for your help with Front Page 2000 and html. Yes, and also for the photos of Olga Andreyeva
Kirilka Nikolova - for the photos from "Sports eye magazine" , translating interviews. You did a great job, Kirilka, thank!
Marianne Adams - for some photos of Bessonova, Yerofeeva, Tkachenko and Serebrianskaya and the interview of Oksana Skaldina 1999

Of course, I would also like to thank the photographers for providing photos...Especially Dirk Zimmerman, Patrick Tower, Tom Theobald, Carsten Cluemper, Esther Teijeira, Miwa M, Kathleen Notrdame and simply to people who gave me some photos and information, like Nuria Arias, Rosa-Maria Riera, Jonny Wright, Emi Martin, Angela Sanchez, Laura VignaRosa-Maria Riera.

You can download some videos of Ukrainian gymnasts in here. It wouldn't be so if not some video-makers, who spend really a lot of time to make these videos. I would like to say huge thanks to Robert Smith, Tom Dohmeyer and Guillermo. You do a great job, which is needed by everyone!

and also to newspaper "Facti i Komentarii" , "Den'" and "Krymskaya Pravda"

And to all, all, all, who did something to provide this web. And to you, visitor!

About this site

All things on this page is copyrighted...Please, respect my work and the work of other people and don't publish anything without my own permission. Earlier I had not very nice looking site, I decided to fully change it. All you can see now I did myself...And I'm a little proud of the job I did! I worked on this site a lot and tried to prove the whole world that Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics is THE BEST!

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