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Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics (by Alexander Kochann) - the most crowded site on Rhythmic gymnastics in Internet, which provides lots of information on gymnasts and events

Rhythmic Gymnastics (by Melissa Heslam) - great site created by an Australlian Melssa Heslam with a very good multimedia

The Rhythm of Rhythmic Gymnastics (by Marianne Adams) - this site provides a big variaty of videos of different gymnasts, great photos

Rhythmic Dreams (by Marjan Krebelj) - a very good-designed site with information on Slovenian gymnasts and some photos of international gymnasts

Rhythmic Gymnastics (by Angela Sanchez) - nice site, but still under reconstruction

Bulgarian Gymnastics (by Veneta Avramova) - this site is really worth visiting! perharps you won't find as much an infomation as there!

RSG magazine (by Wladimir Tchuew) - don't hesitate to visit this site and you will get what you want!

RG routine review collection - very good collection of reviews plus some videos

Photo pages

Miwa M. Photo Page (by Miwa M) - really great RSG photo site with some very good photos of different competitions, including Aeon Cups

Barny Thierolf Photo Pages (by Barny Thierolf) - another great site with lots of photos!

Kaputtniks Wonderful World of RG (by Carsten Cluemper) - the site includes photos of all participants of World Cup in Bochum 1999 and lots of galleries from Alfred Vogel Cup 2000

Tom Theobald Photo Pages (by Tom Theobald) - great quallity pictures. check the photo of the day section!

Patrick Tower Photography (by Patrick Tower) - very good photo site with lots of photos

Gymagery International - great site with photos from La Lights Invitational and San Francisco's competitions

Esther Teijeira's photo page - really great photos from different competitions!

Video Pages

Guillermo's video page (ESP) - full of videos from European Championships 2002-2003, Corbeil World Cup 2003 and some other competitions

Robert Smith's videos (USA) - check daily as videos appear and disappear very often!

Tom's video page (GER) - my favourite page and my favourite videos!

Futur home of RG (GER) - created by my good friend Alan Aartz. I wish him all the best!

Fan Pages

Elena Vitrichenko (UKR (by Emi Martín Ferrero & Paula Fer.-Buj. Igl.) - a really great site about the Queen of RSG

Elena Vitrichenko (UKR)

Ekaterina Serebrianskaya (UKR) (by Nuria Arias Blasco) - a site about the Olimpic Champion 1996

Anna Bessonova (UKR) (by Nuria Arias Blasco) - a site about the rising Ukrainian star - Anna Bessonova

Anna Bessonova (UKR) (by Anahi Sosa ) - very exclusive site! get everything you want to know about Anya there!

Tamara Yerofeeva (UKR) (by Nuria Arias Blasco) - a site about Tamara Yerofeeva

Tamara Yerofeeva and Anna Bessonova (UKR) (by MªÁngeles Sánchez  and Nuria Arias )

Zaripova Amina (RUS) (by Laura Vigna) - everything about Amina Zaripova and general RSG!

Barsoukova Julia (RUS) (by Rosa-Maria Riera)

Alina Kabaeva (RUS)


FIG - Federation Internationale de la Gymnastique

UEG - European Union Gymnastics


Guide to my native country (Ukraine)
Guide to my native city (Kyiv)
International GYMNAST magazine
1998 Europeans
"Krymskaya Pravda v Internet"
Newspaper "Den"
Newspaper "Facti i Komentarii"
(Ukraine, the Crimea)
(Ukraine. Kyiv)
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