About myself

Hello! First of all I want to thank you very much for visiting my site about Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics and visiting this page. 

 I'm a gymnast. I often go on competitions and sometimes I'm successful . My favourite apparatus for work is rope, but nowadays I like my hoop.

My favorite gymnast is Vitrichenko. 

1. Vitrichenko all 1997 (Worlds), 1999 and 2000 routines

2. Yerofeeva. ribbon 1997-2000

3. Bessonova - ribbon 1999/2000

I also like Raskina's routines 1999 and 2000 very much, first half of Alina's hoop 2000 and Barsukova's routines2000

I also like computers, horse-riding, swimming, tennis. I like watching soccer (European football), biathlon, artistic gymnastics, skiing. I like listening to Britney Spears (though her songs are all very similar), Ricky Martin (I hate his last clip), Cher, "Queen", "The Beatles". I like to eat lots of things (but 90% of them I can't eat)...Especially spaghetti, Ukrainian national food : vareniki (they look like Italian tortellini) and borscht (beetroot or tomato soup)

I don't know what to say more as I'm very boring

Your Ukrainian friend


PS. If you have any suggestions for my site, send it to lidia_v@mail.ru 

or connect me on ICQ ("I seek you"): 63361385

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