Andreyeva, Olga

Bessonova, Anna

Dzoubchuk, Olena

Godunko, Natalia

Kobets, Irina

Pisetsky, Katerina

Rudalova, Svetlana

Serebrianskaya, Ekaterina

Skaldina, Oksana

Timoshenko, Alexandra

Tkachenko, Olena

Vitrichenko, Elena

Yerofeeva, Tamara

Ukrainian group


Elena Gatilova's ribbon 95/96


You are not allowed to use any music piece of video to re-publish it. You should e-mail me and ask my OWN permission. But, surely, you can download musics and videos just to view them on your computer!

PS. If you know any other piece of music of routines of Ukrainian gymnasts, please, send them to I would be very glad!

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Photo - Ekaterina Serebrianskaya