Olena Gatilova's 1995-1996 ribbon

This routine is surely one of the best ribbons ever performed by the Ukrainian team. It's not in the usual Ukrainian style - not classical and dramatical, but so modern and cool! Every element fits the music. This routine was created for Olena Gatilova in 1995 by Luibov Serebrianskaya. With that routine Olena competed on Aeon Cup 1996 and European junior Championships 1995, where she got a huge 9,600 for the routine

Gatilova starts the routine in a standing split position right on the toe, holding both stick and the end of the ribbon (pic 1)

Pic 1
 Pic 2  As the routine stars, Olena sits on the knee and starts doing little serpent of the ribbon, though the end is still in her hand. Then she sits in the demi-pliye on the demi-pointes and throws the stick of the ribbon in the air. Holding the end of the ribbon, she gathers 6 metres long ribbon by parts and throws it in the boomerang toss in the illusion turn. Having caught the ribbon, Olena pushes up from the knees. Then she performs some serpents again in the demi-plije , tirns once around herself and does a perfect side legmount, in the same time doing spirals of the ribbon (pic 2). She tries to do a Timochenko balance, but it doesn't go so perfect as the greatest rg gymnast ever did
Then she does a little toss of the ribbon and catches it in a few seconds. Then she does a grand-jete, then front split (pic 3) and then extends herself on the arms (pic 4). This combination really fits the music. After this combination, Gatilova does a back scale and stands straight into the wide fourth position preparing for 720 degrees attitude pivot. After that Olena does a big throw of the ribbon and catches it after a leap and one roll. Then she does some "water" moves, showing the great choreography. Having rested a bit, Olena continues to produce some difficult elements, after usual chausee, she does front leap, though with not so great technique Pic 3
Pic 4 After that, she does some water moves again, stands in the fourth position and does 1-1-1 fouette combination. Then she does a combination of usual split and arch leaps. Next elements are some choreography elements, though they show her flexibility too : Olena does grand-jete and some another cool movements. Almost Michael Jackson on the RG floor. Then she does two grand-jetes again, but this time the supporting leg is bent
Then she perform a 360 degree turn with a leg on passe (pic 5). After that Olena takes the end of the ribbon and throw the stick, in a few moment she catches the part of the ribbon near the stick the throws it. After a leap and a roll, she catches the apparatus and takes the end of the ribbon and like "wraps" it around herself and finishes the routine in the bent to the knees (pic 6)  Pic 5

Pic 6

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