Routines - Tamara Yerofeeva

Routine Year Music Author Music Desciption Video
Ball 1998-1999 Specialist (From The Specialist) John Barry, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra      
Ball 1999 Heat Miser Massive Attack
Ball 2000 I Spoved Bustrayakov      
Ball 2001 Hijack / Nyah / Injection (from Mission Impossible 2) Hans Zimmer    
Ball 2001 The Skulls / The Race (from The Skulls) Randy Edelman    
Ball 2002 Surrounded (from The Man in the Iron Mask) Nick Glennie-Smith      
Ball 2002-2003 Summer Love Giovanni Marradi  
Clubs 1997, 2001 Libertango Astor Piazzolla    
Clubs 2002-2003 In the Tunnels / Hummell Gets the Rockets (from The Rock) Zimmer, Gregson-Williams, Glennie-Smith  
Clubs 2003 El Tango De Roxanne (from Moulin Rouge) Ewan Mcgregor, Jose Feliciano, Jacek Koman    
Hoop 1999-
Megalith T-Square      
Hoop 2000 Main Title (from Enemy of the State) Trevor Rabin, Henry Gregson-Williams  
Hoop 2001-
Barbarian Horde (from The Gladiator) Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard    
Hoop 2002 From Gladiator Hans Zimmer  
Hoop 2003 Techno Vladimir Bustryakov    
Hoop 2003 Pictures from Exhibition Modest Musorgsky    
Ribbon 1997-
Grand Central (from Carlito's Way) Patrick Doyle    
Ribbon 2003 Die another day Madonna    
Rope 1997 Gopak Vladimir Bustriakov      
Rope 1998 Luna de Paris Raul di Blasio      
Rope 1999-
Theme from The Saint -    
Rope 2001 Frenazo (from Bedazzled) Tony Phillips      
Rope 2002 Soundtrack    
Rope 2001-2002 Leave No Whitnesses (from The Mask of Zorro) Jerry Goldsmith    


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