Tamara Yerofeeva's ball 2001 

Deruigina Cup and Ludwigsburg GP

 This routine was created for Tamara Yerofeeva in the January of 2001. Toma didn't like the music, so they changed it after two Grand Prix competitions. As I think, that routine was better than the routine Toma performed on the next competitions, starting from Corbeil-Essones 2001. Tamara showed a lot of expression there and the music was superb really!

Tamara starts the routine in a wonderful attitude balance position with the ball holding in her right hand. That starting Tamara had in 2000 too. As the routine start, Toma performs a wonderful tour lent on 960 degrees.

  This tour lent is extremely difficult to be performed, but Toma seems to get it very good. Tome rolls the ball from the right hand to the left one, stands on the demi-pointes and bents her back to the working leg, showing good flexible element here. The she does a perfect pivot combination of three elements :  2 pivots in the attitude balance with supporting leg bent (it's more difficult to perform then), 1 pivot in the needle stand, changing the hands, holding the ball behind supporting leg and 3 attitude pivot with the leg straight this time. Then she does a toebreak to sit down on her knees and does an attitude on the knee, with the working leg really high! With the next element - extending herself on one arm, Tamara get to "smile" with her legs really wide. Then she put the ball between her shoulder-blades and does a pivot in the penche stand. After that Toma does a great element - she stands in a great attitude on the demi-pointes and stays in that position for some couples of seconds, showing great leg strength and flexibility (pic 2)
  After that she takes a little breath and shows some great choreography moves and a lot of expression. Then Toma stands in a side legmount from passe and does a rond backwards in pliye, with leg getting in a quite high irobesque. Then she sits on the knees using toebreak again (what strong toes Tamara has). On the knees Tamara does a knee balance side scale. Then Tamara pulls the ball and catches it with the legs in the fifth position. Then Tamara throws the ball in the ring leap with legs. Here she gets 0,2 of bonus for "throwing the apparatus with legs without eye contact"
   Then Toma does another 3 elements in the combination - 2 split pivots with hand fixation, 1 pivot without hand fixation and three attitude pivots. After that Toma at last throws the ball and having done a chausee (of course!) catches it in a split leap. Then she throws it again, leaps and catches the ball. After that Toma does a difficult back scale 180 degrees pivot. Then she does some steps, rolling the ball on the body, takes leg in the side balance from passe and ronds it backwards in the irobesque in pliye. After that she throws the ball, does 2 illusion turns, catches the ball and does a 3rd illusion turn with the apparatus. Then Toma stands in the penche balance and ball strikes the floor from the chest. After that she does something like pike jump, but with one leg bent in the knee and another one near the nose. Then she does again 180 degrees back scale pivot (pic 4) and quickly ring leap. Afterwards, Tamara again sits on the knees and pushes the leg in the irobesque on the knee. Then she throws the last time, does illusion turn, rolls and catches the ball between leg and body. 


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