Tamara Yerofeeva. hoop 2000

Before hoop routine on EC 2000 in Zaragoza

 This routine is practically the same as Tamara used in 1999, but there are some new elements and interesting catches. This routine is perfect in technique view : amazing catches. work with apparatus. All is really great. Tamara seems to lose lots of emotions while doing her hoop routine. The dynamic music suits Tamara very good. Starting position you can see on photo 1. Tamara put her feet on the hoop,.  Yerofeeva's back doesn't touch the carpet, as her head and hands do. Routine starts Toma's right leg falls the hoop down. In the  moments when hoop is falling, the body   Photo 1
 Photo 2  goes through it Tamara's left leg appears in the middle of the apparatus (which already fall down) , but doesn't touch it. Tamara does some interesting moves on the floor, her hands take the apparatus and stands in the vertical spagat. After some moments, Tamara put the hoop on the floor and her left leg starts to turn it. At the same time, Yerofeeva stands in vertical spagat again. (photo 3) It looks very original . Then Toma's hands take the turning hoop and moves to another plac of the carpet, where she does some nice pirouettes. The hoop Tamara holds above herself with both hands
 When she ends doing pirouettes, one leg goes through hoop and touches it, Tamara does goes backwards  and changes positions of the leg to opposite ones...It really combines the music great. Tamara stands in vertical spagat, but still holds the hoop, (photo 4) which Yerofeeva throws and it goes through the whole body. Tamara turns to normal position and catches the apparatus. then she makes a very high leap from the centre of the carpet and it really seems that gymnast appeared in the corner by doing only one leap! In the corner she does pirouettes and then stands again in the  Photo 3 
Photo 4 vertical spagat. Her hands are in front of the body and she turns the hoop on her hands (photo 5), and then does a roll. So hoop appears in the other hand of the gymnast Then Yerofeeva throws the hoop, leaps diagonally and catches the apparatus by leg in the other corner. (photo 6) Tamara stands in normal position for some moments, then she stands in the vertical spagat and her face like says "I did it"! Toma throws the hoop again, fastly catches it and leaps forwards. Toma holds her hoop like that, that the body goes through it in the leap. then she does some pirouettes. Then Tamara turns the hoop around herself and throws it
Tamara catches it and starts to turn it on the hand. The Tamara put the hoop on her leg and it turn horizantally. After that she throws it and catches after 2 illusions, But the apparatus doesn't stay in Toma's hands for a lot, she rolls the hoop before herself and takes after it. Then she takes it, throws again, makes a walkover and catches it standing on the knees. Then Yerofeeva again rolls it and when it is on returning way, her legs throws the apparatus forwards. Then Tamara makes 2 rolls and catches the really flying hoop in this routine.  Then Tamara moves diagonally  Photo 5
 Photo 6  in the same moments turning the apparatus around, makes the last throw and leap in this routine. Tamara put the leg in the middle of the hoop. Her leg is on the knee Hand streches up, and the same head. Second hand holds the hoop...The end   

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