Ekaterina Serebrianskaya's interview 1997

She has all: beauty, youth, glory. And besides all there is waste. In the world of adults she stepped in 4 years when for the first time appeared on gymnastics carpet. Now she lost all illusions in this sport and in her years she feels that she is out, though some years ago in Atlanta all were holding her on hands. Now Ekaterina is like already written sheet of paper. Well, half a year ago she was at last given the flat in Kyiv and from time to time someone remembers about her sports carrier. The fate brought her on the top and painfullly threw down. But, as real Scorpio, born in the year on Snake, Katya doesn't give up, she opens her own business and bar "Atlanta" in the Crimea and became a gracefull business-lady. 

- If  to count the wasted on Serebrianskaya tons of bad gossip, isn't that pity that you tied your life with gymnastics?

- I didn't have time to complain, because the schedule of my life was very easy. By the way, my mom brought me to gymnastics and mom didn't ask if I want or not. My mom took me with her to the hall and spent there all day. In general, I wasn't taught by anyone. I copied all from the big children (their movements and elements). Like that, I think, I liked gymnastics.

- Did you want to become a coach in your childhood, like your mother?

- No, I don't want it even now. This isn't a great job. I don't want to spend my second half of life on gymnastics. I want to help my mom in organiser's moments, but no as a coach

- Maybe there is a percent of dissapointment?

- The per cent of dissapointment is in that in childhood you think that everything in this world is great, but in sport you understand the truth of treason, envy and hatred. You eat a big portion of poison at once. I don't want to agree that all is sold and bought. In sport like in the life.

- When did you feel it for the first time?

- Even in my childhood, when for the first time I competed on international competition. I saw and heard all, who and what for and why puts the scores.

- What were the first expressions of Olimpic Champion on the podium?

- Tiredness and emptiness inside. This busy marathon has been since my childhood. Then I dreamed about that and on the question what I want to be, I surely answered : "Olimpic Champion!". The gold medal I hold more or less confident. The only thing, which stod besides that medal was unbelieverable work and physycal tiredness, because in 18 it was really hard not to give up after political scandals in gymnastics. Even now I don't understand that I'm Olimpic Champion. When I got my medal, I felt confident, because my childhood dream has come true. Now I put new aim.

- Have you ever wanted to leave Ukraine?

- Envy is everywhere because the world is everywhere the same. Abroad the envy is hidden under the smile. When I stood on the podium, I thought that at last the truth won and it will be easier in the future. Then I was a small stupid child, because when all ended, it became clear that it is only the beginning. All, what we had to go through in 2 years after Olimpics, left not very good feeling in heart. To run away? You won't be able to run away from yourself

- Isn't it hard to understand that all this is ruled by someone?

- Why do we have to understand if it is anyway? Who knows the situation, knows very good why and who does it

- Then why and who?

- I don't try to be engaged in this politics. Yes, I know who destroyed some moments of my life, trying to destroy my name. Why? Because it money. 

- Will all in rhythmic gymnastics be like a fight without rules in the future?

- I think that the Code and judging has to change. And then we will talk about perspectives

- So it will be hard for the children, who are doing the first steps in gymnastics?

- They have to understand that they will have to go through lots of bad things. Well, but it's a good school for life. 

- Lots of sportsmen say that they are used only once and then rubbished..

- Yes, that's true. It's sport. I knew what I'm going for and till the time I'm usefull, I will be sent to competitions. Now someone thought that Lena Vitrichenko and I got older and we were rubbished. If Ukraine didn't eat itself with this fight, then we could fight for the medals on the next Olimpics

 - Why did Olena Vitrichenko return to Deruigins School?

- I don't want to talk about that. Well, each person chooses his way in his life, and all the people, who reached something choose not the right, but the easy way. Olena solved like that and I can't judge her

- What are you tired of?

- Of that thing that you have to prove always that you can reach something. It's a pity, that it is a normal thing for us to be rubbished and used. We have to fight for the truth and fair. 

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