Tamara Yerofeeva could have opened her own museum

- Toma, I can imagine how hard you wok to get all your medals. Did you have a wish to leave everything?

- Many times, but seriously perhaps only once. After Deruigina Cup 2001 I decided that I won't cope with the new rules. It was very difficult to get used to them. According to new code of points, many elements on flexibility were added. My back started to pain a lot and I thought that it's enough, but Irina Ivanovna Deruigina could make me forget about that soon. Time passed and I managed to perform difficult elements

- Are you an obedient gymnast?

- Of course, I try to show "my vision", but actually I'm not allowed to do soon, however, I decided how much should I work

- You kind of sport is a female kingdom. Do you get envied sometimes?

- Well, I think I didn't feel it on myself. I don't know, maybe, I just don't see something

- Are you friends mostly sportsmen?

- Yes, I have very little time for private life. Girl, who I chat with in the gym, are my friends.

- On a competition day how much time do you spend near the mirror? Who helps you with make-up?

- I do everything myself. I do myself up for about an hour, but I usually don't do anything for trainings. I can even cry sometimes then...(Laughing)

- Do you think you could be a business lady?

- I don't even know, I have no experience in this sphere. It's interesting for me, but I think that my future life will be connected with sport anyway. I gave gymnastics many years and I don't think I will be able to go away so easily. Perhaps I will become a coach.

- It's popular among sportsman to take nude photos. And if you were proposed to have a photosession for "Playboy"?...

- No way! I think it's too private!

- For so many years of competitions you must have a huge collection of leotards, unitards, apparatus, that you could open a museum...

- I give my costumes to Albina Nikolayevna and she gives them to small girls - they use them. And apparatus - ribbons, balls, clubs, ropes and hoops stay with me. However, they don't have such a good look

- Tamara, if to be true, did you wish to become World Champion in your childhood?

- If to be true, no. I just wanted to compete on major competitions when in a huge hall there are a lot of spectators...Now my dreams have changed. I would like to stay till next Olimpic Games...

- About diets: have you ever gone somewhere to taste something sweet?

- I didn't go under the bed or into the wardrobe, but I like sweet things a lot. And even if I eat a chocolate, on training all calories will burn. I have no problems with weight...But stop...There was once...We went to Carpathian mountains in winter once, to Beregovo. And we only ate there and worked out muscles. The weather was very cold, so we even didn't run crosses. I put on some kilos and when I returned to Kiev, I was just shocked - how will I get to my usual weight? But normal trainings came and those kilos simply disappeared.

- Can something be so touching for you that you cry?

- Yes, such things can happen. It depends on my mood. I really feel sorry for beggars. Once we were returning from Ukrainian National Championships. On one of the railway stations I went out of the train to breathe some fresh air. An old granny came and asked to buy some sour milk from us. We didn't want it then. And when I returned into the car, I felt very sorry for that old woman, so I decided just to give her money, not having bought anything. Unfortunately granny wasn't there already - I was touched till tears.

- Do you think of children and family?

- It's too early to speak about it. I'm fully absorbed in rhythmic gymnastics

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