Interview with Alexandra Timoshenko, 1992

Alexandra Timoshenko being not even an Olimpic Champion gave this interview. It is in German, I have to translate it, but what you see on this page is courtesy of Anna Zarzo.

-  In Seul, you won the bronze medal. Why you didnít get the gold?

- I think I had less experience. Experience is very important in our sport, where the athletes are very young.

- Which things are important for a gymnast to reach an Olympic level?

-  The most important is patience. This is really important for all sports. Also a will-power, be self-confident. Gymnasts have just one minute for do all their movements, show their performance. They should be able to show their best level in that moments. They donít have a long sports' carrier. They should have an strong personality, they should charm the audience with their ďIĒ.

- Next year, each former USSR country will took part in competitions by theirselves. How do you think, how will develop the Rhythmic Gymnastics in Ukraine?

- The level of our gymnasts will go down soon. A lot of athletes will change their country to work. It will be a crisis. In Ukraine not just money allowance will be minor, but the gymnastics level will go down, composition will become more important that technique.

- Tell us about you. Do you have brothers or sisters?

-  I have a younger sister. (5 years younger). She doesnít do gymnastics, but she plays piano.

(to be continued)

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