Anna Bessonova : "Mom wanted me to be a ballerina "

In Deruigins school is a break. The smallest try to teach "Barbie" to sit on a spagat...From the dressing-room suddenly runs a girl, which one I know : she is on the advertising of Deruigina Cup 2000. Anya, the daughter of football coach and brilliant former football player, looks a bit scary. It seems to be her first interview in her life (LV: the author is wrong, Anya had lots of interviews before, only she has a shy character) . There is no pride in her words, which is very popular among the "star" children.

- Mom wanted me to be a ballerina. But she saw how I try to do gymnastics routine, brought me to Deruigins School. I was very successful. Parents were very happy and supported me a lot. We live very friendly. Earlier, father was buying "Barbie" dolls for me. The whole my room was in them Now I bring souvenirs for them. Me, my mom and my brother were always going on a stadium to support father's team on important matches. And now we are always happy, when CSKA wins. But we don't see each other a lot. Sometimes we are together for about 2 days in summer...But not often, because each of us goes somewhere. Brother studies in Spain, in tennis academy. I'm very sad that I fought with him in the childhood. 

- Do you feel that you are a daughter of the famous sportsmen?

- No. We always had all very simple. Parents have friendship with people, who they knew even before they became "stars". I'm not used to an attention to me in the streets. 

- Which victory you remember the most?

- I think, when in 1998 I brought 5 medals from Spartakiada in Moscow. I didn't even think about such a success, especially the gold with ribbon. I was never strong in ribbon. The whole family met me after Moscow. Now I go to France, on Gran Prix competition. If in countries of former USSR I'm more named as a daughter of a great football player, but in other countries I'm only Ukrainian Rhythmic gymnast.  

- What excited you the most in other countries?

- I go on competitions from the  childhood. And also, I don't need anything. So I never had a shock. I'm happy to meet my friends-gymnasts there. And also coaches. Lots of coaches work in other countries now

- If it isn't a secret, what do gymnasts eat?

- We don't eat in the morning. In the afternoon - a bit of yogurt , orange. For dinner - a piece of meat and fruit. We can eat everything, but only a bit. After competitions we let ourselves something tasty.

- Carrer of gymnasts is short. Did you think, who you will be in te future? Maybe, you will be a model?

- Oh, no! Faster I will be a coach. I will teach children. To go on the podium, to wear and demonstrate something isn't for me. Well, I like to visit shops, to buy something new. Sometimes with my mother. But I'm not very good in mode...

- What do you dream about?

- To have a house on the bank of the sea and to have a car.

- Which sea?

- I don't care

Newspaper "Vseukrainskiye vedomosti". By Uliana Chrenova  

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