Anna Bessonova : "I'm ready to take over Alina and Irina"

This interview was taken during the Moscow European Championships (both gymnastics) 2003

- Anna, how do you explain your progress?

-  I don't think it's correct to speak about my unexpectable progress in the last time - it's wrong definition. I always try to train harder, to compose routines, which spectators will like more...I just go forward without stopping or looking back

- However, you made success on your last competition. 3 gold medals on European Championships in Riesa, 1st place in the team of Ukraine...

- I don't feel that I'm 1st number in the team of Ukraine. As you know, there are new rules now and on every competition everything can change. Yes, I was 1st, but I can become 2nd and 3rd. It's normal, it's sport. And Tamara Yerofeeva had problems with her back, she couldn't train in full strength. That's why she didn't come on this European Championships in Moscow. And in Riesa, where I won my gold medals, Alina Kabaeva and Irina Tschaschina didn't compete

- But still you were great in Riesa...

- Well, frankly speaking I don't really remember how I did in Riesa. There are so many competitions this year and I can't keep all the details in my head. I keep only general background - good and bad things like in a fog. But - without details

- But it was your best competition in your carreir!

- The best?No, I don't think so...If to count by medals, it was one of the most "resaltive", I won 3 gold medals and 1 silver. But, for example, I think my routines turned out to be more spectacular, more interesting here and moscow. After European Championships Irina Deruigina changed some routines for me, they are more filled with elements, more difficult. Of course, I had mistakes in Riesa and in Moscow. But there will be no sport without mistakes. The main thing is to be able to learn on them

- Kabaeva and Tschaschina returned. Does it make it more difficult for you?

- Of course, the competition became more difficult. Now it will be harder to win. Certainly, I'm very happy that girls had returned. It will be interesting to compete against them. And I think that it is more interesting for the spectators to watch the competition now.

- Are you read to get over Kabaeva and Tschaschina?

- I think, yes. Actually I never differ my rivals. Whoever competes, whatever scores they get, I must go on the carpet and do my routines as good as I can. First of all, I want spectators to like me.'s always pleasant to get good scores from the judges. I understand that a lot of people will take me differently to yesterday, but I think that I won't get any pressure because of their titles, the competition with Kabaeva and Tschaschina will depend on the psychology nonetheless

- How will you prepare for the competition?

- The same as I do now. Every gymnast has it's own secrets. I have them too. But my secrets are connected with my inside worls. I'm sorry, I can't let you in. I don't accept anybody into my world

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