Tamara Yerofeeva: "I want to be first, not only in Ukraine"

It is always interesting to talk with Tamara Yerofeeva. She has all good qualities for it - she can listen, think over the answer and surely, Toma has famous woman charm. I met her soon after Ukrainian Nationals 2001 in Simferopol, where she won AA, clubs, ball, ribbon and free. Having congratulated Toma with the victory, first I asked her about the amount of the AA titles in her carrier

- I won 3 National Championships - in 1998, 2000 and now. In 1999 on Ukrainian Sports Games I won silver, having lost to Elena Vitrichenko

- As far as I can remember, you won medals in the Crimea...

- Yes, in 1997 National Championships was held here, where I took 2nd place, having lost only to Katya Serebrianskaya. I remember myself to be very happy, because I was in top 3 of Ukrainian gymnasts for the 1st time

- and how do you feel this time on the Simferopol's floor?

- At first, I want to say that to win wasn't an easy thing. The victory could belong not only to Anya Bessonova, but also to Natascha Godunko, who won rope. And other girls were very strong too, the Crimeans among them. Personally I liked Olena Dzoubchuk

- What do you want from the European Championships 2001?

- It's difficult to say. At first I should deserve the place, because there is only one license and three girls for this license

- Which composition do you like best of all in 2001?

- I love my hoop routine under the music from Gladiator

- Now let's talk about the New Code. Was it difficult? And how do you think, was it right to include so many difficulties in the routine?

- I don't agree with those people, who think that new rules were created only for Alina Kabaeva. Now the routines are much more difficult, it's more interesting for the spectators, so I think, it was right to change the rules

- A lot of people think that medals on the European Championships will get Belarus and Russian gymnasts. How high are the chances of the Ukrainians?

- Russians Kabaeva and Tschaschina are the main favourites, but I'll try to be in top 3, though gymnasts from Belarus are very good rivals too

- How do you think the gymnast should retire?

- There can't be one recipe. Each gymnast has to solve herself when to retire. I'd retire when I feel that I'm getting lower scores than usual. Surely, such decisions aren't easy. It's easier to quit on the happy note!

- Did you think what to do after retirement?

- I don't have plans. I'd like to work in my own kind of sport, I'd like to be a coach. I won't reject to try myself in gymnastics shows. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot now, though I've heard there are many plans. Nowadays I think only about competitions

- What's your sports aim?

- Well, I think I reached it - I competed on Olympics. But I'd like to win some major competitions. I'll try to solve this problem

- Are you a good cooker? What is your favourite meal?

- I'm not very good at cooking. I like ice-cream, fruit, Ukrainian traditional

- Do you often visit Crimea? Do you like sea?

- Sea is cool! I try to visit Crimean peninsula quite often, especially Alushta's sports base "Spartak". All's so cool here: sea, fresh air, mountains and people, of course. You can't be angry with such people!

- I think you like to travel. Have you learnt to drive yet?

- Yes, I've benn to a lot of countries so far and I haven't lost the interest yet. I haven't learnt to drive yet, but I hope to in the nearest times. I think women can learn to drive no worse then men. I prefer Italian cars, but I haven't got my own car yet, but it will come!

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