Interview with Albina Deruigina 2000

-Albina Nikolaevna, after Deryugins Cup when Elena dripped from the traditional first place to the 10th, Vitrichenkos left the Deryugins School and now train at a different place, what are the reasons for that?

- They said in the beginning that they were thrown out of the school, and now they are saying that they are being thrown out of the gymnastics. They left the school by themselves because they could not abide to the disciplinary rules here.

Our gym is busy from 8 a.m. till 9 p.m., one activity after another. The schedule is made for a certain period, depending on the pending competitions. The schedule for the preparation for the Grand Prix in Kiev was very tough because of the rehearsals for the concert. Vitrichenko was not satisfied with the schedule and she showed her disagreement all the time.

I, as a pedagogist, was obliged to interfere and to talk with Lena and Nina Mihailovna, and tell them to keep to the schedule and to train only in the time given to them by the schedule. We could give them only a carpet, but we could not give the whole gym at their disposal. Furthermore Lena was not training in full strength and the other children had to work too. That was a small iincident and it finished with the moving of the Vitrichenkos from the gym, they gathered all their belongings, said good bye and were gone... Now we have peace and calmness.

- What will you say about the 19th place of Lena at the Europeans. The RG is a sport where everybody has to respect the name of a world champion. And suddenly - this kind of scores

- Everything in RG is possible- over scoring/underscoring - this is a sport. The judges had requirements to her compositions. When you see all the time one and the same, that is the result. The audience of course likes Vitrichenko. We also sympathize with her. But the judges have their own criteria.

The requirements towards a routine are many: choreographical, musical, originality, difficulty... All this should be beautifully combined and expressed by the movements. Also you have to complete fully all the pirouettes, must not lose the apparatus. The fans cannot see many nuances. But the judges see...

But Lena did not have the right to leave the competition. It is a shame, she gave up. She failed the trust ofher team.

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