Anna Bessonova's interview 2001

-Anna, are you confident with the competition so far?

-No, I did not very well. I am not very happy with it, I did too many
small mistakes.

-Is there any competition you like most? Like for example the audience is different,
or the country is very nice?

-HmmmÖ.I donít think so. Maybe Japan because everything is so big there
and there are so many people always.

-Do you have any special aim? Like e.g. you want to continue by all means until
the Olympics in Athens?

-No, I just want to compete well and to continue as long as have fun doing gymnastics.

-What does a normal days in your life look like? Do you go to university as well?

- In the morning I am in training, in the evening, too. Sometimes if I have some
free time I study but the first thing is sports.

-So what profession would you like to become one day? Do you want to become a

-Yes, probably. But right now I canít say it for sure.

-Whatís the special thing about gymnastics for you?

-My Mum was a gymnast, she was 2 times world champion and she showed me many photos of her. I like it and I wanted to do the same as she did .

-What other sports do you like? Maybe soccer as your dad is the coach of a good
soccer team in Kiev?

-No, I donít like football very much because itís always present in
our home and I see it all the time. My brother is playing tennis in Kiev but my
brother and my Dad are not that much interested in gymnastics, as well as I am
not in tennis and soccer.

-Do you have any gymnast that you admired when you were younger?

-Timochenko was very interesting. She was in my club when I was little and I liked
her very much.

-Do you have any favourite appartus?

-Maybe rope or hoop, I donít really know. It changes often.

-Which of your current routines do you like most?

-I donít know. I like all.

-Do you chose the music and create your routines by yourself?

-Yes, I do. I have to like the music to be able to have a good expression. And
if I donít like the music I canít do a good routine.

-What do you like doing in your freetime?

-In my freetime? I donít have a lot but when I do, I like going shopping,
watching TV and sleeping a lot.

-Some people say that you are also very interested in internet, is that true?

-Yes, I like the internet very much and use it a lot.

-Have you ever been to the chat on There are sometimes people who
logg on with the name ĎAnna Bessonovaí and people wonder, if itís
really you.

-No, I have never been there for chatting.

-Ok, thank you very much for the interview Anna!

-Youíre welcome!

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