Elena Vitrichenko: "2000 year is my year"

(translation - Lidia Vinogradna)

 In it even as - that is not trusted: on a ridge of sporting glory of Elena Vitrichenko there are neither much nor few seven years. More precisely, even eight - in 1992 16-year-old Elena became silver medallist of a world championship in one of group routines (that championship, by the way, was the debut for Ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics). For this time in rhythmic gymnastics many gymnasts shone. Vitrichenko still in cohort best. It is safely possible to call some achievements Ukrainian gymnast's unique. To take even such fact: acting on seven world championships (this index is by the way too record), Vitrichenko has conquered 9 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze prizes - such collection no for one other gymnast. Nine times Elena mounted on the highest step of an European championship. There was "bronze" in Atlanta and 11 winning Grand prix.

Likely, the main cause of sporting longevity of Vitrichenko is Lena's adjoining with fanaticism the love to rhythmic gymnastics. Skill... to lose, more precisely, capacity for not paying attention to failures, to act in pleasure to the spectators and for herself.
An important role plays by such factor. To 23-m to years to keep battle form - to hold competitive weight, be saved from severe traumas can only gymnast, relevant in maximum professional. Well and, certainly, not last value is that Elena is trained by her mum. Their creative union the psychologists would call ideal.

- This the season is is special for me, - takes a word Elena Vitrichenko. - And it is not only that, that this year is Olympic - in September here will be 20 years since then, since I began doing RSG. For this anniversary, it would be desirable to mark by successful protrusion in Sydney. In general. According to asters 2000 year is my year. You see I was born this  year...

- What have you done in inter-season period?

- Elena Vitrichenko: After final Grand prix in Austria mum and I went to Croatia - in resort Dubrovik.
We walked around the city, photographed a lot - in common, rested by soul. I ate a lot - maybe only once a year a gymnast can eat so much. Trip to Croatia to us presented by "Zepter".

- You are, as far as it is known, a model of this firm?

- Elena Vitrichenko: Yes, their goods consider very qualitative - I use them with pleasure.

- How will Elena Vitrichenko's Olympic program look like?

- Elena Vitrichenko: I didn't change a lot in my routines. I have returned to the previous exercise with rope - on a tune the Ukrainian national song "Ti zh mene pidmanula". And music from film "The Mask of Zorro", the one I acted with rope in Osaka, is trusted to in basis of composition with ribbon. Both ball and hoop exercises have remained without changes.

-What will you say about new routine of the main rivals?

- Nina Vitrichenko: the absolute world champion Alina Kabaeva has preformed new exercises with rope and hoop, and silver medallist at WC- 99 Julia Raskina - with ribbon. Compositions are very interesting, especially has Kabaeva. However she seems not enough calm yet. For example, on tournament in Los Angeles, where were both Vitrichenko and Raskina. Kabaeva, in her hoop exercise in last moment, threw out almost all elements. Though, as a whole, I shall iterate, program for the rivals are very nice. But I am sure: at objective judges, Lena can benefit against everybody.

- Problem with judges is much spoken now...

- Nina Vitrichenko: For RSG it is an "eternal" problem, and before Olympiad all are worrying about it - manual, technical committee on rhythmic gymnastics, coaches, sportspeople, fans. Not a secret, that because of judges' subjectivity there has already been talks repeatedly about exception of rhythmic gymnastics from the Olympic program. After Atlanta, we shall recollect, there also were a lot of critics to address judges. In general, the tendentiousness in activity of the judges deprives RSG of essence. By the way, in last the year in a lobb of competings to us accepted the coaches, the sportsmen, journalists from different countries, expressed the condoling and attempted to back up us, considering, that Vitrichenko in next time became a victim of judicial bias. However, now season only starts, and it would not be desirable to stress attention on this offensive subject. As the technical committee promised in this year strictly to control operatings judges on all large competitions

-Elena Vitrichenko always has incredible leotards. Will the wardrobe of the gymnast have any changes up to Olympics?

- Nina Vitrichenko: All costumes, in which Elena is performing are done by firm "Sasaki". We cooperate to them the not so maiden year. Before Lena drew the costumes alone, but at last Japanese designers have learnt Elena's tastes .They do the costumes very well, and Elena always like them. I hope, on the Deruigina Cup Lena will act in new costumes. Though, to tell the truth, and the previous complete set had not time (was in time) so that spectators liked it. By the way, on the World Championship in Osaka Vitrichenko's costumes were recognized the most elegant, for what Lena has received a special prize from the "Samsung" corporation.

- Some words about competitions, Lena will compete this year...

- Nina Vitrichenko: Allowing that a present season is Olympic, quantity Gran-Prix competition is abbreviated up to five. Except for Deruigina Cup, series includes tournaments in France, Germany, Russia, Austria. Last Austrian Gran-Prix will be already after Sydney. In the beginning of June in Spain will pass a championship of Europe. In the schedule there are some starts. Furthermore program of opening-up to the Olympic actuates some "concert" measures - for example, at the end of March Elena will take part in demonstration performances on a World Cup on sporting gymnastics in Switzerland.

-Well, and will Elena Vitrichenko surprise her fans with anything on Deruigina Cup?

- Nina Vitrichenko: Of course! Before time we shall not uncover secrets....

Svetlana Nakonechnaya, Alexey Gonharuk.

2000. "Team" ("Komanda")

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