Hot-line with Elena Vitrichenko, 2000

- Good afternoon! Lenochka, big hello from Vyachslav Yakovlevich Doroshenko, the head of the Rhythmic Gymnastics school "Terpsihora". We all like you very much. Our children are now competiting on the Kyiv Cup and so they can't call and so they asked me to ask you some questions.

E.V - I will answer on them with pleasure

- You are the member of the National team, leader of Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics. How is the Olimpic National Team made?

E.V - Surely, we have lots of problems, but we try to solve them. In the beginning of the year was made a schedule of the competitions, using the results of these competitions, the National Team would be made. This year I've already competed in 7 competitions

- What do you personally think about your form and what place do you think you will get on Olimpics?

E.V - Naturally, I want to do well in Sydney. I want to please my fans and to show them that Rhythmic Gymnastics, they like and they are used to. And about my preparations. Routines, I will make on Olimpic Games I have prepared for 4 years I looked for the best exercises, was choosing different elements.

- We will wait for you with a gold medal!

- Hello, this is Olga from Kyiv, Lena, when did you became a master of this sport?

E.V. - The title "Master of the sport" I got, when I was 11 on the USSR Championships. And in 1993, after World Championships, which was held in Spain, I and Katya Serebrianska got the title "Ukrainian master of sport". We did very good then and took 2nd place in team competition.

- Are these "Facts" newspaper? My name's Natasha, I'm from Chernigov. Lena, what will you do after you retire?

E.V - I think that after Olympic Games I will retire in rhythmic gymnastics. I want to get married and to give birth to children. And then I want to find something, which is as rhythmic gymnastics interesting for me.

 - Hello, this is Yulia from Poltava region. Did you think that you will retire aftre jnfair Deruigina Cup this year?

E.V- Yes, after that things, which were happening on Deruigins Cup, I had very bad mood. And I decided to quit in this sport. But my fans and friends made me to stay. I wish to say thanks to them!

- There are 3 strong gymnasts in Ukraine: Anna Bessonova, Tamara Yerofeeva and you. On competitions you are surely rivals, but in life, I hope, you are friends.

E.V- You know, I don't talk a lot to these girls. They are 7-8 years younger than I am and they have different interests. Yes, we compete in the same team, but nothing more

- What do you think about Russian school of  rhythmic gymnastics. Is it really the strongest in the world?

E.V - I can say that it has the strongest coach in the world, who was able to become the second person in judging of RSG  after Madam Ambruzzini

- What can you say about Alina?

E.V - Alina is my friend and I can't say anything bad. She is a good girl! Alina brought a lot of new things in rhythmic gymnastics, she started to use flexibility first and her flexibility is really amazing!.

-Hello! Lida Vinogradna is on.. Lena, which number of the team will you compete in Zaragoza and why weren't you on National Championships?

E.V - In the beginning of the year, FGU and Sport committee made an individual schedule for each of the gymnasts. I didn't have Ukrainian National Championships, so I didn't go there. And on European Championships, I will do three routines in the Team : hoop, ball and ribbon. And in all-round I will do all four routines surely.

- Hello! This is Valentina from Konotope. Lena, what will you do when you end your sports career?

E.V. - I want to open a new RSG school in Kiev, to train small girls and to prove them that Rhythmic Gymnastics isn't only offends and unfair judging, but really the most beautiful sports view

- Hello, this is Vyacheslav from Kyiv. Lena, who in your view, should be the modern man?

E.V - Very strong in his soul, brave.

- Is this a description of the future hero?

E.V. - Perhaps yes

- Lena? Hello, I'm that guy, who watched you training in spring. If you remember...

E.V. - Yes, I remember

- I'm very sorry that judges are so unfair to you. You are the ideal in Rhythmic Gymnastics for me. Lots of people prefer football or boxers, Brothers Klichko, but for me you are the first! I'm 19 and I will stay your fan to the end!

E.V - thanks a lot

- I hope that you will be first on Olimpics. Let your dreams come true!

- Can I ask the question to Nina Vitrichenko? To Olympics in Atlanta you prepared Lena with Katya Serebrianskaya, Katya had the highest titles then. And to Olympics in Sydney you prepare, when there is no strong rival near. Is this hard or not?

N.V - Life treats you sometimes, sometimes not. Then we had no choice, we could train only in the same hall with Katya. Now we don't have strong rival with us. I don't know how is better. We are professionals and we have to accept different conditions.

- Lena, is that true that after Olimpics you will retire?

E.V - Yes, that's true. This year, in September there will be 20 years after I began doing RSG. I think it's enough
- You don't receive so good scores as earlier now....

- What music do you listen?

E.V - Different. I like to listen to Russian and Ukrainian music

- Hello Lena! You are so thin! How do you keep fit!

E.V- The most interesting is that all the gymnasts have to keep their form in their childhood. I also had to do so. I drank only a drop of tea in the morning and a drop of soup in the afternoon. I didn't have dinner at all. But when gymnasts reaches her 20th birthday, she doesn't have any problems with weight. Yulia Barsukova, Eva Serrano, I and Viktoria Frater are thin and they are all over 20

- Hello! And can I ask for Lena? I'm Luda and I'm 14. How much do you train?

E.V - I have only one training now, but very big - I train for 5-6 years.

- How do you spent your free-time?

E.V - I don't have much free time, and when I'm not very tired after the training, I talk to my friends. I love theatre. For the last time we watched musicl "Beauty and the Beast" in Stuttgart. I have a fan, he's a German journalist and he invites me to the theatre very often.

- Do you remember your first steps in RSG?

E.V - I can tell you about my first victory in the competitions. It was a traditional tourament in Kharkiv, there were lots of different age groups and the smallest - up to 9 years. And there is such like a tradition - if you win in this tourament in the smallest group , you will become the World Champion. And that happened!

- I want to ask Lena : How can you train in Kiev and study in Kharkiv?

E.V - you can congratulate me that I already graduated from Kharkiv physycal university, I did all exams on "excellent"

- Good afternoon! Lena, do you have dreams before competitions?

E.V - Before major competitions I don't have dreams at all.

- And did you have any dreams, which came true?

E.V - yes, there were. In a month before World Championships in Berlin, I had a dream that all gymnasts are standing after me and I'm standing in the middle of the carpet. A coach from Germany comes to me and says: "The judges were unfair to you on Olimpic Games, but they were fair on World Championships. And he gave me very big flower! In a month I won the title of all-around World Championships

- Hello, this is Vasiliy. Lena, do you drive a car?

E.V - Yes, there were no problems even from the first time
N.V. - When Lena is driving, I worry a lot about her.

- Why? Does she drive too fast?

E.V - No, I drove very slowly. My mom always says: be careful, be careful, be carefull!

- Hello Lena, this is Andrey - where do you like to travel?

E.V - to Monaco

- What do you like there? Casinos?

E.V - no, I dislike playing in casino. I get money not very easy to throw them. I will better go to buy something beautiful for me.

- Lena, is this easy to be a daughter of your coach?

E.V - You know, I think I won't be able to train anywhere except with my mom. Thanks to her I love Rhythmic gymnastics. I don't like gymnastics of other coaches. I like the style of mine. And I really, really love her!

- Hello Lena! What do you eat everyday?

E.V - I eat everything, except different cakes

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