Profile of Elena Vitrichenko

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Full name: Olena Ihoriivna Vitrichenko (In Russian: Elena Igoriivna Vitrichenko)

  Nickname: Lena

Birthday: 25 November 1976

Birthplace: Odessa (Ukraine)

Residence: Kiev (Ukraine), Barcelona (Spain)

Started with RSG: 1980 (four years old)

Stature: 168 cm.

Weight: 47 kg.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English

Coach: her mother, Nina Vitrichenko

Weekly training: 35 hours 

Favorite discipline: Ball

Gymnasts she admires: Galina Beloglazova,

Oksana Kostina and Maria Petrova

Male gymnasts she admires: Yuri Chechi, Ivan Ivankov, Alexey Nemov

Favorite music: George Ghershwin, Ricky Martin, Russian music

Family: Father -  Ihor Vitrichenko - maths teacher in university
             Mother - Nina Vitrichenko - her coach

Favourite film: "Siberian cirulnik", "Titanic"

Favourite food: Ukrainian, especially borscht (beetroot soup)

Books: Love-stories

Other sports: synchronized swimming, ice skating and basketball

Hobbies: diving, her car

Elena's sign

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