Profile of Anna Bessonova

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Full name: Ganna Volodymyriivna Bezsonova (In Russian: Anna Vlodymyrovna Bessonova

Nickname : Anya

Birthplace: Ukraine, Kiev

Birthdate: 29th of July, 1984

Residence: Ukraine, Kiev

Stature: 170 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English

Character: shy, kind and easy-going

Discipline: Individual (group - World Championships 2002)

Club: Deruigins school

Coach: Irina Deruigina

Training: 35-40 hours per week

Favorite apparatus: hoop, but usually it depends

Favorite gymnast: Natalia Lipkovskaya and Alexandra Timoshenko

Education: Graduated from school when ended 10 classes (out of 11 possible in Ukraine) and the last year studied in the sports sports school

Family: Father - Vladimir Bessonov - very famous Ukrainian football player, now coaches Ukrainian soccer club "CSKA"
Mother - Victoria Serikh (now - Bessonova) - World Champion in group in rhythmic gymnastics.
Brother-Sasha Bessonov - goes in for tennis, studied in Barcelona in tennis academy, but currently came back to Kyiv and finishes the University

Member of the National Team: junior - till 1998 (competed on the Junior games in Moscow and Aeon Cup), senior - 1998

Favorite books: love-stories

Favourite music: popular

Favourite Colour : white and black

Sports aim: To get the Olympics in Atlanta and do good there

Other sports: figure skating, soccer, tennis and dancing



Anna's sign

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