Profile of Ekaterina Serebrianskaya

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Full name: Katerina Olehiivna Serebrianska (In Russian: Ekaterina Olgeoovna Serebrianskaya)

Nickname: Katya, Katjusha

Birthplace: Ukraine, Simferopol

Birthdate: 25th October, 1977

Residence: Ukraine, Simferopol / Ukraine, Kiev

Stature: 178 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Discipline: Individual (retired)

Club: "Gratsia" Dinamo Simferopol  

Coach: Ljubov Serebrianskaya  

Active in RG: 5 years old (1982) - 20 years old (1998)  

Weekly training: 40 hours (Now she doesn't train)

Favorite apparatus: rope

Less favorite apparatus: clubs


  Favorite Gymnast: Alexandra Timoshenko

  Family: Father - head of sports club "Gratsia"
             Mother - Lubov Serebrianskaya - coach in sports club "Gratsia"

  Pet: cat named Masha

  Where does she work now? : Manager of sports club "Gratsia", head of the firm "Silver Star"

  Personal aim: To live normal live

  Sports aim: (Ekaterina's words:-) -My aim was over on Olympics in Atlanta

  Music: Tchaikovski, Bon Jovi, Nirvana  

  Books: 3 Mousquetaires (Alexander Dumas)  

  Food: Salad Olivije. Potato with fried chicken or meat

  Favorite country: Spain and Germany

  Movies: comedies

  Hobbies: a lot  

  Other sports: athletics, boxing and artistic gymnastics

 Ekaterina's sign

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