Elena Vitrichenko. rope 2000

Before rope routine. EC 2000 in Zaragoza

 Great routine performed by Vitrichenko in her last competitive seasons. Nina and Elena returned to the old routine they used on 1999 European Championships 1999. It was right decision, because the routine is really wonderful. The music of this routine is a re-mix of Ukrainian National song "Tizh mene pidmanula". Like always, Elena shows great work with apparatus ,artistism. Starting position is interesting. Rope is tied around Elena's body and Vitrichenko stands in the vertical spagat which reminds Latin letter "P' (photo N1)  Photo 1

 Photo 2

 When the music starts, Lena easily starts in absolutely straight spagat, but not for too long. She put her leg down and like introduces the rope. In the same time she prepares for penche balance and soon stands in it with a rope on the foot. (photo N2). After that, Vitrichenko ties the rope around her neck and holds the ending of the rope, which ties her right leg. (photo N3) Than her hand unties the rope around the leg, but not around the head and Elena does some pirouettes  , Then Elena puts the rope down and makes a forarme backwards walkover . 
The apparatus can fall from Elena's hands, but when it jumps from the floor, Vitrichenko easily catches it. Then Lena stands up and runs to another corner of the floor. In the same time rope is doing weird and funky things.Also she does very good leaps for her years. From the moment when Vitrichenko starts to run and to the moment when Vitrichenko starts to run and to the moment she stands in vertical spagat, you can start to sing :

Ti zh mene pidanula ,
Ti zh mene pidvela,
Ti zh mene molodogo
Z uma-rozumu zvela!"

Photo 3
 Photo 4 The Elena starts like to play with rope and jumping through it. In these moments you can sing:

Ti kazala v Ponedilok.
sch pidemo mi na rinok
Ya priyshov - tebe nema
Pidmanula, pidvela!

As far as Vitrichenko ends jumping through rope, stop singing because words are over. Lena put the apparatus on the feet , stands in vertical spagat and starts to turn the apparatus near her shoulder (photo N5)

After the second turn Elena catches the rope into both hands and moves to the left right corner (if to look from judges position. The Lena sits down on knees and puts the rope on her legs. Now you can start singing again : "Ti zh mene pidmanula...) Probably singing with you Lena does a forwards roll, "catches" left leg and moves it to herself. Vitrichenko's right hand holds the rope Then Elena takes the both endings of the rope in two hands and turn the apparatus. After 5th or 6th Turn , Lena stands up, does pirouettes and leaps to another corner.   Photo 5
 Photo 6 In the leap Elena throws the rope and tthen catches it. Leaping Elena moves diagonally. Then she throws the rope for the last time in the routine, makes a walkover, catches the rope. ties it around the body (photo N6). The End 

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