Olga Andreyeva's rope, 2001

Olga Andreyeva has a very original style, which differs from the most Ukrainians. Perfect body technique and cool elements make her routines very original. Her rope 2001 is on the same music, as 2000 one, "Mission Impossible Soudtrack", composed by Irina Deruigina, Due the New Code, the routine is very different from the one she used in 2000 year

The starting position is what Deruigins try to put in each routines, standing on the knee with the second leg backwards in the split (photo 1). The apparatus is on one of  the legs . Olya keeps standing on her elbows and hides the head near the knee.

As the routine starts, Olga does an original 360 degrees pivot on the toe with a bent leg "sitting" on the knee. The rope is turning on the working leg. Then Olga takes the apparatus in her hands, sits on the knees and "pulls" her left leg to the head, like in the head attitude balance position (photo 2). After that, she does a back bent to stands up and here she shows her perfect body technique by doing a cool element of stepping on both legs (photo 3), looking on the left and on the right (photo 4). Then she stands in a penche balance (photo 5) and then does a nice back scale, reaching to have leg in a big oversplit there.

After making a step, she stands in a high attitube balance and does a great switch leap as she is going to the opposite side of the carpet.. Then Andreyeva does a 360 degrees pivot in a penche balance (photo 6), tying a rope around bent leg at the same time. Afterwards Olga does a leaping combination, which consists of two split leaps with bents backwards. Then she stands in a side balance, using a hand to keep the leg in the oversplit (photo 7). After the balance, Olya does a good pirouette combination: 2 piroueetes in the balance without hands and 1 pivot in a high attitute, having the rope tied between leg and body. She gets 0.2 bonus there to A2

Then she does a leaping combination again with two leaps there, side scale and then she has a really cool and interesting element . Andreyeva is "playing" with rope and her foot are just everywhere then! (photo 8). Then she has some more difficulty there - a difficult leap task. She is like leaping in the side split leap, but in the last moment changes it to front split. After that leap, Olga does similar to AG's "pike jump" leap and then the apparatus isn't hold by hands and so she gets another bonus to A2. Then Andreyeva does another nice body movement, jumps through rope. After that, she ties apparatus around head and does a nice ring leap. Then Olga throws the rope and does a difficult acrobatic combination of 3 roll

 She is very confident on catching the apparatus. Then she does an interesting 360 degrees needlestand pirouette, sits on the knees and again "pulls" the leg, but now in like a high irobesque. That was the last element of that routine. Only the ending position left (photo 9)

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