Will the dispute of women be solved by the man?

Ihor Korobchinskyi was elected for the new President of Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation

My report I want to start with the good new. During her report about the work of Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics' Committes Luibov Serebrianskaya said from the tribunes:

- We had enough pain, let's stop the conflict. Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics has to come with peace into the New Millennium

A little bit later I will stop separately on RSG theme and now I will tell you about the conference a bit. After her report, Ludmila Tourischeva thanked all the people for the support given to her and officially said of her quit from the President "armchair"/ The reports of done work told of the president of  all committees. . About the discussion, I have to say, it wasn't "dry". like it happens on such conferences. The presidents sometimes couldn't sop after 3 minutes, which they were allowed to talk, because there are too many gymnastics problems nowadays. The president of UFG (like it was considered) deserved to be Ihor Korobchinskyi.

Leonid Spektokorov was elected for the first vice-president. Here you are the names of other vice-presidents, who are at the same time the presidents of that or this gymnastics committees: Boris Shahlin (male artistic gymnastics, Oksana Omeliyanchik (female artistic gymnastics), Luibov Serebrianskaya (rhythmic gymnastics), Vladimir Yuriyev (sports acrobatics),  Vladimir Halyavko (battue) and Elena Levina (aerobics). And in total to the heads UFG were elected 15 people.

And now again about rhythmic gymnastics. In the end of the conference I took the express-interview with Luibov Serebrianskaya

- Can you tell, please, what is done for reaching the  peace?

- I want to notice that in the last time, I and Albina Nikolayevna Deruigina sat at the table of negotiations, trying to find the "EXIT" from this situation. Yes, the conflict must end, because all these things are only good for our rivals. That scandal on the European Championships in Zaragoza like kicked Ukrainian gymnastics to make peace, . But I can't not notice and one thing: in the conflict there is also a positive moment: the sports shape of gymnasts got higjher because there is lots of strong rivals.  But there are much more negative moments and that's why I'm for the peace.

How can we reach it? I'm for such program. At first, we have to make lots of meeting together. to solve all the problems, connected with the competitions and their participants from Ukrainian. And the solution must be made on the real shape of the gymnasts, not which Federation do they belong to. Surely, the ideal situation will be if we will have the separate center of preparing the National Team, like for example in artistic gymnastics. But we can only dream about it. And I think that the meetings should be not just in Kyiv, in Deruigins School, but and in Simferopol. we have very good training conditions there. 

Today didn't go that variant, which one is Albina Deruigina for. She wanted to elect only one vice-president of technical committe, who afterwards would make the  project of ruling the gymnastics together in the country. But such variant, most of the coaches didn't elect.

- In the beginning of your report you noticed that a huge most of the coaches of Rhythmic Gymnastics is now in the Federation of Deruigins..

- Yes, that is right. Four years ago, when the conflict just started, there were most of the specialists on our side. But then people came to the Deruigins Federation because it is easier to send their gymnasts to the competitions there. I won't say that they did good or right. I only want to make Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics the strongest, but it won't happen before the two federations will unit...Now we considered that it is necessary to have our committe in the UFG, if we get the peace with FGU, maybe, the separate living will go.

Albina Deruigina also was on the conference. In the talking with me she noticed that she is for peace with both hands. Bit the real wish to do something she doesn't see in her rivals. 

Let's hope that a male hand will at last end this nightmare for Ukrainian RSG....Let's hope...   

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