Ukrainian Nationals 2000

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The guard relief in Deruigins School' hasn't gone on advantage?

In White Church the second prestigious Ukrainian competition on rhythmic gymnastics was ended. Ukrainian Nationals 2000 on rhythmic gymnastics, which one has collected all strongest gymnasts of country, is over now. Unfortunately, in these competition didn't take part European and World all-round Champion  Elena Vitrichenko, who is preparing for the most important starts of the year with  her individual program .The strife between Vitrichenko and her younger rivals from Deruigins School isn't ended.

Anna Bessonova went to this National Championships. She wasn't on the Ukrainian Cup among clubs because of her injury. To this start she has managed almost the best shape, that her super successful performance in all-round shows. Though, again, six 10,0 scores out of six possible is rather unreal situation. The absolutely clean and ideal performance in all kinds of all-round  is hardly possible.

Except Anna Bessonova's returning, this time in White Church send on a gantry and two other gymnasts from Kiev : Olga Hleborobova and Irina Glushak, who weren't in good health too. Such long-lived interruption in trainings and protrusions could have an effect on the sports form. In outcome, among the leaders has not appeared also they introduced the second team of Kiev.

It was pleased  that  this time  Simferopol's and Odessa's leaders came, who missed team championship, - accordingly Svetlana Rudalova with Ekaterina Pisetskaya and Anastasia Zhuvaka acted. If to say about sportsmen from Crimea passing by them  the previous tournament (it was done because gymnasts from Simferopol wanted to prepare as it is possible  for the main internal championship) was truly justified. And let 17th and 18th places, on which one have lain in all-round of 25 best of Rudalova and Pisetskaya not too impress, but the victory of the wards of Luibov Serebrianskaya in the group finals  with three ribbons and two hoops can not remain without attention, but about it a bit later...

Total ranking of all-round isn't surprising: the leaders of the Kiev team were put in the according to an actual correlation of forces. Surprise unless the sums, which collected by two  Champions of Ukraine - Tamara Yerofeeva and Anna Bessonova . Both got 60,0 . In twelve compositions without unified mistake is trusted with other transactions. Other business, that both gymnasts approximately of equal level and equally can claim for a role of the leader of National team. The truth of competitive practice for that is larger. Not for a lot has lagged from more famous colleagues Natalia Godunko. Near her has lain and Olga Andreyeva, which one is at the expense of skill, which one with years is not spent can still be in the top of Ukrainian gymnasts
In the finals  it is better than other has shown herself  Tamara Yerofeeva, on the score to which one 5 gold medals. And only in composition with clubs she has admitted a small error and has taken the third place, which one she has sectioned with Olga Andreyeva. "Clean"  gold medals in asset for Yerofeeva are 2 - in composition with ball and hoop, the other 3 she has divided with Anna Bessonova. The last gold was for Natalia Godunko, which earned it with Bessonova in composition with clubs. In dispute with gymnasts from "Deruigins School" , let yet not very successful, here have managed to enter only three sportsmen - with ball - Anastasia Zhuvaka from Odessa (coach - Julia Kulaksiz) and Yelena Yarosh from Dnepropetrovsk (coach - Natalia Eremina) and with clubs - Julia Chernova from Nikolaev (coach - Vera Laseychuk).

The group performances have called different impression. The gymnasts from Kiev-1 began the competition by receiving for famous "Kalinka" with 10 clubs in all-round 19,700 and were by one point ahead of Kiev-2, which earned 18,700. But then " three ribbons + two hoops " wasn't very lucky for Kiev-1 . In all-round by admitting serious errors, they have received 18.600. Kiev-2 and group of Dnepropetrovsk have received  19.000 in this kind, however the great  backlog of Kiev-1 in the first kind has kept it on the first place with advantage in the six tenth point.

In the finals , in composition with 10 clubs, Kiev-1 has earned even more - 19.850 and strongly occupied the first a step  in this routine. A little bit better, than in all-round this team performed with three ribbons and two hoops  , but also here has not done without losing an apparatus. This  advantage group From Simferopol, coached by Luibov Serebrianskaya, has taken and has pulled out victory with advantage in the 17 100-th
point. So small  separation has not allowed and  gymnasts from Dnepropetrovsk go on an silver step. They are third. Absolutely have become unstuck before the endings and Kiev-2, by admitting there are a lot of errors, that them  would suffice on five performances. For them the seventh place with clubs (score - 17.800) and sixth in an exercise with ribbons and hoops (17.900) isn't good. For so masters it certainly not outcome. For the second Kiev team acted the gymnasts, which acted on the largest international tournaments just in a structure of group - Olga Hleborobova and Irina Glushak. It isn't impossible to call as the beginners and their colleagues - Anna Gluhovska, Elisaveta Karabash and Anastasia Shlyahina, who competed last year in Budapest as junior Ukrainian group

More freshened the structure Kiev-1 seemed. It was necessary to return in group Tamara Yerofeeva and Anna Bessonova, which one the truth, were involved in one kind of the program. Natalia Godunko, was long time in a structure modular spare, and she hasn't such wide experience of protrusions. Julia Melnik. perhaps, for the first time has been on a carpet in a structure of the Ukrainian Group team on official competitions. and Marina Bezdolnaya had never been in senior group at all. Thus, from experimental and tested gymnasts in group has remained only Olga Andreeva, that for general success, you see, isn't too much Well, we shall be patient and we shall wait, when the new generation for group will grow up and they will please us, as the group pleased led by Popova and Zhadanova

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