Ukrainian Cup among clubs 2000

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Is benefit of "Deruigins School"  fair?

In White Church ended Ukrainian Championships among clubs or just Ukrainian Cup, which collected 32 teams from different parts of Ukraine, Kiev and Crimea. A BIG advantage of the gymnasts of "Deruigins School-1" was seen very well. Among the "Deruigins School-1" were such gymnasts as Tamara Yerofeeva, Natalia Godunko, Olga Andreeva, Marina Bezdolnaya, Oksana Paslas', Julia Popova, Viktoria Kozhanova, Anna German. On 9 points in the total ranking after "Deruigins School-1" was "Deruigins School-2", which is well known by perspective Olga Reshetnyak.

The girls of 1985-1988 for the first time competed for senior programm.         

Very good performances showed the club from Dnepropetrovsk "Stal'" ("Steel"). Coached by Natalia Eremina, these gymnasts confidently occupied the third position in total ranking after the gymnasts of " Deruigins School-1 and 2 ". As always equally has completed the program the leader of the team from Dnepropetrovsk - Elena Yarosh. Lots of clapping earned little Yana Zaez. In her so small stature she is very technical and doesn't forget the artistizm. This trio from Dnepropetrovsk (Yarosh, Zaez and Anna Tuktarova) were on the third position. It's interesting, that this time, for anybody the hegemony of the gymnasts from "Deruigins School" of a disturbance and skepticism has not called, their advantage was very big Worthy gang to the gymnasts from Kiev, is growing in the club  "Young gymnast".          

In all-round is more preferential than other  looked Tamra Yerofeeva. In qualification she made only one mistake - with hoop. With this routine made a mistake and a silver prize of this competition Natalia Godunko. The final apparatus were almost occupied by the gymnasts from "Deruigins School" except 2 coming on the floor of Elena Yarosh from Dnepropetrovsk. (4th place with ball and 6th place with clubs).. Invariable triple of prize-winners - Erofeeva-Godunko-Andreeva was going from appartus to apparatus, only in variants. 5 gold medals were given to Erofeeva and 4 times judjes put for her routines 10,0. And only once  the top 3 reach Vera Podlesnyak. She is 3rd with an exercise with hoop. Yerofeeva wasn't able to do this routine and in the final apparatus and so she got only 9,708 and was placed on unusual for herself 6th place. However to pour a head by ashes to the 18 years old Ukrainian we can't, because her routines are hard, beautiful and artistic.          

 What can I say about the juniors? Oksana Paslas won the gold medal. Not very often you can see that junior is given 9,100. Exited and a good performances of Julia Chernova (12 years old too as me), coached by Vera Laseichuk. In apparatus finals Lida Vinogradna (me) got 4 golds, out of 6 possible. Julia Chernova got the gold with a routine with ball and with an exercise with a rope the best was Anna Fateeva, 11 years old gymnast from Zaporozhie (coach - Ludmila Kovalik)          

Last years the RSG club from Simferopol - "Gratasia" (coaches - Lubov Serebrianskaya and Oksana Rasidtonova) was a real rival to "Deruigins School" club. But on this championships didn't arrive the strongest gymnasts of this club. Elena Gatilova became a coach, Elena Tkachenko is planning to compete under Belorussian flag. In White Church we could only notice Olga Negovska (20th place in senior all-round) and some girls who competed for juniors. Didn't go to this competition and Anastasia Zhuvaka (1986 year of birth) from Odessa, which was very good at the Nationals last year. She was injured and now she can't train her best form.

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