Olena Dzoubchuk's ball 1999-2000

 This routine is surely one of the best routines Olena ever performed. It was composed by Luibov Serebrianskaya for Dzoubchuk in 1999 under "Summertime" (from Porgy and Bess) by George Gershwin. Olena made the audience clap for this magnificent routine in Japan, Spain, Germany...The cat-suit she used for this routine is really wonderful, it goes to the music very well. Perfect taste!

Olena Dzoubchuk starts her routine in a beautiful balance, keeping leg in the oversplit with the left hand. The ball is on her foot (pic 1). As the routine starts, Olena does a perfect tour lent on 270 degrees, stands on her toes and fixes the position

 Pic 1
Pic 1 Then she sits on her knees, put the ball between them and shows great element, showing her back flexibility. As far as I can remember, Olena Gatilova also did that element  It looks like a backwards walkover on the arms, but with two legs). After that some moments of relax by going and rolling the ball on the body, she stands in a beautiful side balance and then performs a side scale. While that side scale, she puts ball on the floor (pic2). Ball goes from her, but Olena sits on her knees and catches the ball. Having stood up, she throws the ball for the first time in the routine and catches it after the split leap between the legs on the knees. Sitting o the knees, she throws the apparatus and catches it, using toebreaker
After that she does a back bent, in the same time rolling the ball from the chest into both hands (pic 3). Then she throws the apparatus again and catches it in the ring leap and then again does a back scale. After that she does 720 degrees split pivot. Than she puts the ball on her back and does some "water". Then she does a nice legmount, stands in the irobesque, does one turning ring jump. The ball while the jump hits the floor and then appears on Olena's hand again.. Then she does a perfect split leap. After that she does a circumduction with the ball (pic 4). Then she does a very original element : Pic 1
Pic 2 She puts the ball in the knee, standing in the penche balance (pic 5), does a 360 degrees pirouette in this position. With the ball still in the knee, Olena does a forwards walkover, so that the apparatus falls down on the floor (pic 6) Then she does a 360 degrees attitude pivot and finishes the routine
Pic 3 Pic 4


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