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Tamara Yerofeeva - Rope 2002

This routine was composed for Toma just in a little time before European Championships in Granada by Irina Deruigina. First performed in Sofia, this routine impressed the public by quite unusual style of the performance, not classical music, but quite a hard rock. Unfortunately, 50% of combinations with rope must be leaps and it's not the best point of Yerofeeva, so sometimes elements aren't performed as for first-class gymnast.  Toma starts the routine with rope on her back foot and hands crossed or like shown on photo 1. As the music starts, Toma throws rope with leg behind back (AV 0,1) and having caught it does 1st leap combination - 2 arch leaps (both 0,3) and 720 spiral pivot from one leg (0,4).   Photo 1
 Photo 2  She throws rope behind back (AV 0,1) and having caught it, starts another leap combination, which consists of 2 0,4 stag leaps with turn on 180 and high attitude/ After that she does 2 jumps with double rotation of rope (AV 0,1 each) and another leap combination - 1 split leap (0,1) and two stag leaps with back bent (0,3 each) where rope goes under the legs. Having landed on 2 feet, she starts her usual flexibility combination, which she does in every routine - rond of leg from side position to backwards with help (TV 0,4) and Utyascheva originality - TV 0,6 -  (without additional step performs go from fish balance to backscale). Then she like pushes leg forwards (foot not strecthed) (photo 2) and does some steps where she works with rope, preparing for next combination - 0,5 tourlent with leg in irobesque (photo 3)
 Photo 3  Photo 4
and turn on 360 and pivot with leg high in attitude (0,5). Then she does another leap combination, which consits of 180 turn in cossack leap with leg high without help, 0,2 leap from two legs and turn on 360 and pivot in backscale with turn on 180 (0,4) photo 5. After that she throws rope in jump with no difficulty and catches it by going through rope in stag leap (AV 0,2 TV 0,3) , then does 2nd leap and double illusion backwards (0,5). After that she does a nice expression position with rope in hand and around foot, preparing for illusion where she rotates rope on foot (AV 0,1) and does front balance.   Photo 5
Photo 6 Here goes her originality pivot - 720 pivot, which consists of 360 turn in attitude and then 360 turn in fish position (TV 0,4) and 0,3 pivot with leg aside and turn on 360. Then Tamara gains some score in artistic value (AV 0,1) by doing 3 leaps through rope with its rotation backwards.After that she starts another leap combination, which consists of leap from two legs in split with back bent and without additional step front balance (0,3) and without releve another 0,3 balance/ Here she ties rope, throws, does stag leap with back bent (0,3) and catches in back bent (AV 0,1 TV 0,2) photo 6 and stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4). As last element she throws rope again , does double roll, catches on foot and rolls backwards to finish in frog position with back bent (photo 7)

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