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Tamara Yerofeeva - Rope 2001

 This routine was composed for Tamara specially for World Championships just in four days before the competition started! Of course, it was a very risky step to change a routine, Toma was saying that the only thing she was doing in Madrid was practising her new rope. The reason of change was that judges put Toma very low scores for the previous routine and in Madrid she shined with this apparatus and only thanks to it earned her bronze medal in all-round and apparatus final. She starts the routine standing on the carpet with one end on rope in the hand and another on the foot.  Photo 1
 Photo 2  As the music starts the routine, she throws rope in illusion forwards (World Championships), does rotations of rope on foot in forward illusion (Deruigina Cup 2002) or double roll (Deventer 2002). I choose World Championships version of the routine, so further, I'll describe only it. After throws she catches rope in a mix catch (hand+foot). Then she starts leap combination, which consists of a split leap and two leaps with both supporting leg and back bent. After tat she ties the rope, throws it and catches after arch leap (0,3) in backscale (0,2) and to finish this leap combination she does ring leap with turn on 180 during the flight (0,5)
In the same corner she performs serie of jumps through rope - 3 jumps (1st one with one rotation of rope backwards and two other with double rotation of rope_. Having done that, she ties rope in doing some schine turns to the the rope and catch it after 1st stag leap with back bent in 2nd stag leap with back bent (TV 0,3 each AV 0,2) and then attitude balance with leg bent, where she rotates rope by the middle (photo 3) . After that she does extremely original element - throw, double roll and catch on neck while doing forwards walkover (photo 4)  Photo 3
Photo 4 After that she wros with rope while handling it by one end and having caught 2nd end, she wraps it around the body and rope works there in a 1080 pivot, where working leg gets higher during 2nd and 3rd turns (0,4) and 360 pivot with leg aside (0,3). After that Tamara gathers rope into 4 and does her originality pivot, where she performs 720 pirouette, which consists of 360 pivot in attitude and 360 pivot in fish position (0,4) , 360 with body parallel to the ground (0,4) and 720 with leg aside with help (0,2). After that she jumps through rope with double rotation of it and ring leap with double rotation (TV 0,2 AV 0,2) and two cossacks with turn on 180 (0,4)
After that she takes rope in 2 hands, then let one go away from her hand and starts impressive and expressive steps with work of rope. Having rested a bit, she does 0,1 for artistic value : 3 jumps of rope with its rotations backwards and finishes in the corner of the floor. Then she leaps straightly by doing two stag leaps with back bent to the upper left corner, where she does 0,5 tourlent with leg in attitude and 0,5 irobesque balance. Photo 5
 Photo 6 The last combination is 0,3 leap with two legs in split and back bent with landing on floor, 0,1 back bent on knees and 0,5 balance - high attitude. After that she throws rope behind shoulder and performs another original catch on leg by doing backwards walkover. Toma ends the routine in a frog position 

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