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Tamara Yerofeeva - Hoop 2002

This routine wasn't composed in the beginning of the year. It was composed before Corbeil-Essones World Cup. Tamara liked Gladiator music very much and didn't want to change, so Irina Deruigina just took some another pieces and combined them in different way. As you guessed, the music is increadible Barbarian Horde (from The Gladiator) by Hans Zimmer. Tamara starts the routine in very beautiful attitude position with hoop on her shoulder. (photo 1) To start the routine she does a tourlent in irobesque position (0,5) and 0,5 balance with leg high in attitude, while hoop rotates on her leg (AV 0,1). (photo 2)   Then she puts 2nd leg through hoop and sits down for some seconds, after what she throws hoop (plate), does a leap from two legs with back bent, then 0,5 turn in cossack leap (leg high with help) and leap from 1 leg and turn on 360 (TV 0,2)   Photo 1
 Photo 2 After that she does quite tricky exchange of handling the hoop  (over the head and behind back), throws hoop, does a chausee and catches it after 2 arch leaps (TV 0,3 each) and then does a turn in backscale on 180 (TV 0,4). Quickly does leap combination, which is quite easy and costs only 0,6 - two stag leaps with back bent (0,3 each). (photo 3)  Then she shows some what we call "expression signs" to impress  judges and put her high mark for choreography and music (photo 4) and goes into her originality pivot - 720 pivot, which consists of 360 turn in attitude and then 360 turn in fish position. This originality costs 0,4. To finish combination she does 0,6cossack leap leg high without help and turn on 180 (TV 0,6). 
Photo 3  Photo 4
Then she leap to another side of the carpet and does a big roll of hoop at the same time (AV 0,2). Here she does the combination, which I'm not really fond of. I think must be difficult for judges to count it. She throws hoop with hand from stag leap with back bent (0,3 TV). does another stag leap with back bent (TV 0,3) and on balance with help, hoop goes from her foot in the air again (TV 0,1 AV 0,1( and she catches it with foot (AV 0,1). After that she throws hoop again, does leap with back bent forwards, a roll and catches in legs (AV 0,3). Then she uses walkover with fixation of position in backscale to stand up (TV 0,4) - (photo 5) and does another stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4).   Then  goes pivot combination : pivot on 360 leg in attitude (TV 0,5), 360 leg high sideways (TV 0,3) and 360 with back bent forwards and knee bent (TV 0,1).  Photo 5
Photo 6 Photo 7
 Photo 8  After that she does 0,3 balance with hoop rotating on working leg (0,1 AV, counted as 3 technical elements of hoop because of balance on part of body) photo 6, cabriol with back leg and fish balance. Then goes next flexibility combination, where Toma does rond of leg backwards with help and Utyscheva originality (without additional step she goes from fish balance to backscale). Then goes Toma beautiful originality with hoop - Balance in attitude with the foot higher than the head; rotations of the hoop around the ankle. Here goes Yerofeeva's most spectacular element ever. She does boomerang, preparing for throw in forwards walkover with foot, after which she does double roll and catch with legs on floor. This sequence gives her 0,5 to artistic value of the composition

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