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Tamara Yerofeeva - Hoop 2001 

This routine was created for Tamara in the beginning of 2001. Having watched Gladiator, Ukrainian team fell in love with this film and it's soundtracks. One of the gorgeous performances created under influence of this film is Toma's hoop 2001. As you already guessed, the music is Barbarian Horde (from The Gladiator) by Hans Zimmer. She starts the routine sitting on the floor with her hand over the hoop (photo 1). As the music starts Toma performs first combination, which consists of 0,5 balance in high attitude, back bent backwards (0,1) and forwards walkover with fixation of position in backscale   

Having stood up, she throws the hoop and catches after arch leap (0,1) in leap with front leg higher than back leg. To finish the combination Tamara does an attitude balance with supporting leg bent. Having shown her "Gladiator" mood, she throws hoop again, does stag leap with back bent and catches on foot in balance with help and having caught to finish the combination does stag leap with turn during the flight. After that goes quite tricky way to throw hoop when hoop goes over the head and then is exchanged behind back. 
 After throw Tamara does arch leap (0,3) , catches in second arch leap (V 0,3 AV 0,2) and finishes leap combination by doing turn on 180 in backscale (0,4). After that she throws hoop again, does a jump with no value (it was put in the routine just to have something to fit with music, there is a strong "bung" on that part on music) and catches with straight rotation of hoop over body in stag leap (TV 0,1 AV 0,2). To continue the combination, she does balance with leg in ring position (0,3) and high attitude (0,5). Having done that she does very original 720 pivot - 360 with leg in attitude with progressively legs get high with help of hoop (photo 3)  


 Then Toma does element for artistic value - roll of hoop over shoulder-arms in split leap (AV 0,2) and then she starts wonderful pivot combination - 720 pivot in attitude, 360 with leg in high attitude and cossack with turn. After that Tamara performs front balance with hoop rotation on working leg, stag leap with turn on 180 and ring leap with turn on 180. Then Toma does a turning stag leap with back bent (0,3), pivot with turn on 360 - leg aside without help and her originality pivot, which consists of 360 pivot in attitude and without releve 360 pivot with back split.  
After that she does 0,5 withourlent with leg in attitude and turn on 360 and high irobesque balance (0,5). After that Tamara does her last combination - 360 pivot in penche position with exchanging handling of hoop, sits on carpet with back bent (0,1) and performs 0,5 balance on knee - high irobesque. To finish the routine she does one of the most spectacular elements ever performed in RG - Yerofeeva does boomerang toss of hoop, preparing to throw hoop in walkover with foot on the return of hoop, then double roll and catches with legs. Finishes in a beautiful position, which depends on her last catch. If she managed to catch with foot she ends like photo 5 and if she doesn't - like photo 6  

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