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Tamara Yerofeeva - Clubs 2002

 2002 was a year for Toma using soundtracks to different films. Clubs routine isn't an exception. This routine was composed by Irina Deruigina in January 2002 and perharps clubs was most succesfull Toma's routine. It scored much higher than previous clubs under Piazollo music. 50% of combinations in clubs  must be balances, which Tamara can keep pretty good. Sometimes she doesn't finish 3 technical movements of apparatus so that balance was counted and not lowered. As you understand, routines are changed during the year, I took her last modification, Stuttgart World Cup  Photo 1
 Photo 2  She starts the routine on the floor with trunk bent forwards (photo 1). As music starts. she throws clubs, does walkover backwards on arms and catches both clubs in back bent (AV 0,2 - photo 2). Then she does balance with leg high in attitude (TV 0,5 - photo 3) and walkover forwards with fixation of position in backscale (TV 0,4 - photo 4). After that she starts magnificent 2nd balance combination, firstly she takes leg sideways in split and does 2 movements of both clubs in "eight" shape (TV 0,3,) and then balance holding leg in front in split with beat of one club by another (TV 0,3) - photo 5)
 Photo 3 Photo 4
To finish the combination she does leap with turn on 180 in ring position (TV 0,5). Under new COP combination comes after combination and here she starts next one - it's leap from two legs to split in air with back bent and balance with leg high in irobesque. Having done this leap combination, she starts flexibility one - tourlent on 360 with leg high in irobesque (TV 0,5) and pivot on 360 with leg high in attitude (TV 0,5) - photo 6. After that she does leap combination to move to another side of the carpet - split leap (TV 0,1) and 2 stag leaps with back bent (TV 0,3) Photo 5
Photo 6 Here she works with appratus a bit - throws both clubs in air, so that they performed rotations in the air and catches both with backbent. She does round serie of mills (AV 0,2) and quickly another mixed combination (pivot, leap and flexibility) - first goes her originality pivot - 720 pivot, which consists of 360 turn in attitude and then 360 turn in fish position (TV 0,4), leap in in cossack with turn on 180 (leg high without help) and illusion backwards. Then she changes corner of carpet again - does arch leap (0,3), attitude with supporting leg bent, which does change the value of balance (0,1) and fish balance (0,3)
Photo 7 Photo 8
Then goes balance combination : 0,3 stag leap, irobesque (0,1) and balance with leg high in attitude (0,5)Then she throws clubs and catches both in back bent (AV 0,2). Here she leaps to another place of the carpet again using 2 arch leaps (0,3) and turn in backscale on 180 (0,4). Then she throws both clubs in a leap and catches in back scale (AV 0,2). Here goes another combination - 0,3 pivot with leg sideways on 360 and 0,7 cossack leap with leg high and turn on 360. Here goes quite original throws (photo 7 and 8) - she shuts club in knee and then throws in from knee. After that goes last element of the routine - throws one club, does illusion, roll and catches in leg (AV 0,3). Finishes the routine in different positions - one of them photo 9 Photo 9

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