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Tamara Yerofeeva - Clubs 2001

This routine was composed for Tamara Yerofeeva in long 1997 year, when she had to compete with it on World Championships in team event. Since that time the routine suffered from many changes, but the biggest ones were in 2001 when New Code was introduced. Irina Deruigina and Toma decided to leave old music of "Libertango" by Astor Piazollo, but in all other moments routine was different. That's how she performed it on World Championships 2001 in Madrid...The starting position of this routine, as many Ukrainian starting position, is very simple and doesn't require big talent Photo 1
 Photo 2 She is standing on her toes with clubs in her hands (photo 1). As the music starts, Toma does her first balance combination, which is started by split leap (starting from two legs - 0,4), attitude balance (0,1) and high attitude balance (0,5 - photo 2) After that Toma performs big serie of mills and then does 2nd balance combination, which consists of side balance without help (0,3 - photo 3), stag leap with turn and front balance (0,3 ). Then Tamara throws one club, exchanges handling of the other, does split leap with back bent (0,3), another split leap, where she catches the club (TV 0,3 AV 0,2) and 0,4 turn in backscale on 180
 Having done that difficult combination, Yerofeeva performs some steps to show her feeling of the music and impress spectators. Under new COP there is no time to rest and she needs to start pivot combination, which consists of 1080 turn in attitude (0,3), 360 leg aside without help (0,3) and Dzoubchuk leap originality (stag leap with back bent and turn on 180 - 0,3). After that she does 720 pivot in attitude (0,2, 360 in high attitude (0,5) and stag leap. Standing in the right corner of the carpet, she throws both clubs behind shoulder (AV 0,2) and catches them in backscale (AV 0,2)  Photo 3
Photo 4 After that, Yerofeeva sits down on knees to do a balance combination there - irobesque balance (0,1), high attitude (0,5) and forwards walkover with fixation of position in backscale (0,4). Havind stood up in such a gymnastics way, she uses stag leap with back bent to move straight and does irobeswque and ring balance there. Then Toma does her originality pivot (0,4), cossack leap with turn on 180 (0,4) and leap from one leg and turn on 360 (0,2). The whole combination Toma holds clubs in one hand.
 After that Yerofeeva throws club below leg in cossack leap (AV 0,1) and catches in stag leap with back bent (0,3), drops to the floor to finish the combination by doing balance with body bent backwards parallel to the floor (0,4). The Tamara quickly stands up to have time to finish the routine by doing panche flexibility (0,3), attitude balance (0,1) and high attitude balance (0,5). As last element of the routine is throw of one club, double illusion and catch in hand (AV 0,1). Two different ways to finish this routine you can see on photos 5 and 6  Photo 5

Photo 6

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