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Tamara Yerofeeva - Ball 2002

This routine was composed for Toma just in few weeks before European Championships. The music impressed Yerofeeva and she decided to change ball routine, even though it was very risky because new balls like to roll out of the carpet a lot. So there is crystal routine, crystal girl and crystal ball, which can't break but go out of the carpet. She starts routine in a beautiful attitude with ball lying on her back.(photo 1) Toma starts the routine by slowly doing magnificent tourlent with leg high in irobesque and turn on 360 (TV 0,5 AV 0,1) - photo 2 -  and balance with leg high in attitude (0,5). Then she throws ball, does a beautiful position in irobesque on toes and catches in knees, forming a perfect line there as well (AV 0,2)  Photo 1
 Photo 2 After that she stands up and does a balance combination which consists of 0,3 balance with leg side where she rolls ball on arms-shoulders, 0,3 balance with holding leg in front also with roll (photo 3) and ring leap with back bent and turn on 180 (photo 4). After thatToma does some magical movements of hand to have a rest and work with ball and prepared for 0,5 tourlent on 360 with rond of the leg from side position to back with help, after which she does stag leap with turn on 180 and penche flexibility where she puts ball on her neck.
Photo 3 Photo 4 
After that she does her originality pivot - 720 pivot, which consists of 360 turn in attitude and then 360 turn in fish position (TV 0,4), pivot with leg aside on 360 without helo (TV 0,3) and spiral pivot. Then she does flexibility combination by doing turn on backscale and leap in "box" position. After that she throws ball and catches it by going in backwards backscale with land on floor. Here she does some magnificent rolls of ball - from stomach to hand (photo 5), on arm to back, from leg to hand (AV 0,1). Then she stads up using forwars walkover (0,4 - photo 6), cabriole with back leg and 0,3 flexibility with standing on full foot and benting back backwards (photo 7) Photo 5
Photo 6 Photo 7
  After that she throws ball in a leap and catches in backscale (AV 0,2). Then goes stag leap with turn o 180 (0,4) and 0,5 balancewith roll of ball with leg higj. Here Toma throws ball behind back (AV 0,1) and having caught it does 0,7 combination which consists of 2 stag leaps with back bent (0,3 each) and attitude. Standing in this place of the carpet she does flexibility combination by doing rond of leg from front to back and Utyascheva originality (without additional step goes from fish position to backscale). Then she does 360 cosssack leap (AV 0,1 - roll of ball during the flight, TV 0,5) and 2 illusions backwards (TV 0,5). After that sh throws ball, does forwards illusion and roll (Av 0,1) and catches ball with legs without vision control on floor (AV 0,2)

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