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Tamara Yerofeeva - Ball 2001

 This routine was created for Tamara not in the beginning, but after Ludwigsburg Grand Prix 2001. This music, The Skulls / The Race (from The Skulls) by Randy Edelman really suits the Cinderella of gymnastics perfectly. She starts the routine in a spectacular attitude holding ball with two hands over the head. As the routine starts, Tamara does very original element for artistic value - throws ball, does double illusion (AV 0,1) and catches on neck (AV 0,1). Then ball rolls to her back, Toma stands up and starts her 1st combination with ball still lying on her back - 2 360 tourlents, first in attitude position (0,5), second in irobesque position (0,5 - photo 2) Photo 1
 Photo 2 After that Toma throws ball behind shoulder (AV 0,1) and catches in knees on floor (AV 0,1) and here sh starts magnificent rolls of a ball, which will give her a bonus to artistic value - 0,1. She stands up using a penche balance, where she puts ball on her neck and to finish the combination she does high attitude balance (0,5) where she rolls ball over shoulder-arms and a spiral turn from one leg and turn on 360. Then she does a step to exchange handling of ball and does cossack leap with roll of ball (TV 0,4 AV 0,1), attitude pivot (photo 3) and high attitude pivot 
 Then Tamara does quite easy 0,8 combination, which consists of 0,3 stag leap with back bent and high irobesque balance. After that she does another combination by doing split leap in ring position, where she throws ball below leg and catches before doing 0,4 tourlent - attitude with turn on 180 and 0,3 flexibility where she bents body backwards to working leg in irobesque position standing with full foot on floor. After that Yerofeeva throws ball again, does two rolls under it (AV 0,1) and catches the ball sitting on the knees.   Photo 3
Photo 4 Here she does 0,5 balance (high irobesque) with roll of ball over shoulder arms, bents back backwards with another beautiful roll and forwards walkover (photo 4) with fixation of position in back scale, during which the ball is shut between her arms near the neck. Having done that, Toma performs her 0,4 originality (720 pivot with change of position from attitude to fish position), 360 pivot with leg aside (0,3) and 360 with body parallel to the ground (0,4). After that Tamara does leap combination which consists of stag leap (0,1) and two stag leaps with turn on 180 during the flight (0,4)
 Then she throws ball and catches in backscale (AV 0,2 TV 0,2) and to finish the combination does stag leap with back bent (0,3) and turn in backscale on 180 degrees (0,4). After that Yerofeeva dos last element for artistic value - she beats ball with working leg from cossack leap and here goes last technique value combination - pivot in penche position (0,4) with changig the handling of ball, sits with back bent on floor (0,1) and does high attitude balance (0,5). Finish position is shown on photo 5 Photo 5

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