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Elena Vitrichenko - Ribbon routine 1997

 People say that it's one of the best routines ever performed. Elena admits that it's one of her favourite routines...Nobody can deny that this routine by Elena is very beautiful and mature. Vitrichenko shows all her expression and abilities as an artist. "One Man's Dream" by Yanni is the music, which helped her to become World Champion. Elena starts the routine in a wonderful penche position with both working and supporting legs bent and ribbon wrapped about her neck (photo 1). As the music starts, Elena "wakes up" and does some steps with her arms stretched to the "light" Photo 1
 Photo 2 Then she pushes ribbon forward and gets the stick of the ribbon. Here Elena performs wonderful penche  balance, doing it very slowly and taking leg from passee. The ribbon performs small circles. Penche position by some magic transforms into side scale without releve. Ribbon performs big circles. After that Vitrichenko throws ribbon quite high by the stick and catches in stag leap with back bent. Elena drops to the floor, where she exchanges handling of apparatus and produces a balnce of knee with body bent backwards.
 Having stood up, Elena does some great work with ribbon, tosses it in the air and catches stick behind back as well as the end of the ribbon. Then she throws ribbon  and after catch drops to the floor again and stand up using back bent. Here she does a beautiful high attitude balance (photo 4), gets the end of ribbon and throws it, still handling the end (photo 5). Having caught ribbon near stick in a few moment, she throws it again in arch leap (still end of ribbon in hand), does a backscale and boomerang catch sitting on the floor, after which immediately performs beautiful cartwheel on arms  Photo 3
Photo 4 She does a beautiful way to stand up, again showing her expression here and moces straight by doing stag leap and side balance, then returns by doing arch leap and in the corner Elena performs 720 pivot with help. After chausee Vitrichenko does a split leap and 720 pivot with leg on passee position. Afterwards she does a balance with body parallel to the floor and moves to the centre of the carpet to do 360 attitude turn, which changes into a beautiful fouette combination 1-1-1-2
 Then Elena throws ribbon for the last time and catches it after a tricky walkover in handstand, puts stick under her foot and finishes in extremely graceful position (photo 5)  Photo 5

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