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Svetlana Rudalova - Rope 2002

As Svetlana Rudalova moved to Belarus from Ukraine, her routines were re-composed, added new elements and developed her talents. Rope music stayed the same. It was once used by Ekaterina Serebrianskaya and it's an honour for Sveta to have the same music as Katya ("Spain Dance" by Vladimir Bustryakov). She starts the routine in a gorgeous position with rope lying on the floor, wrapped about her right leg (photo 1). As the music starts, Sveta does a step and performs a backscale with right leg as working. That's how she throws the rope in air from the leg (AV 0,1)   Photo 1
 Photo 2 She catches one end of rope behind back. After some magical steps SVeta starts first combination of the routine - tourlent on 360 with body parallel to the ground (0,5) with beautiful work of rope in there (photo 2) and 2 illusions backwards without touching the ground with hand or working leg (0,5) . After that she performs stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4), 360 pivot with body parallel to the groun, where she tries to wrap rope about her body (TV 0,4 AV 0,1) and leap from 1 leg and turn on 360 during the flight (0,2).
 Here she moves diagonally by doing leap combination, which consists of 2 arch leaps (0,3 each), where she leaps through rope and side flexibility, where again wonderful rope work is shown (photo 3). Having caught the end of rope, she does beautiful position of body and throws rope behind shoulder (0,1), catches it in stag leap with back bent starting from 2 legs (TV 00,4 AV 0,2). To finish the combination Sveta performs another stag leap with back bent (0,3) and front balance (0,3). Here in one of the corner of the floor, Svetlana performs jumps through rope.  Photo 3
Photo 4 Rudalova does 2 jumps with double turn of rope (AV 0,1) and cossak leap with double turn of rope (AV 0,1). She continues gathering point for A1, does some working with apparatus again letting one of the ending go away and catches it in original way, when that ending in air goes over her back. To get another good score for A1 she does 2 jumps through rope with it's rotation backwards. After this elemnt, Rudalova does body combination which consists of Utyascheva originality (0,6 photo 4) and ring leap with turn on 180 (0,5)
Then she again shows her excellent feeling of rope and starts pivot combination - 720 pivot with leg aside (0,4), 360 pivot with leg aside (0,3) and illusion backwards (0,3). Afterwards Sveta puts rope on her foot to throw it from forward illusion (AV 0,1) and catches end of rope behind back and second hand catches the middle. The reason of catching by middle is soon recognized, when Rudalova pushes the end above her shoulder and it comes to her hand. Then she does stag leap with back bent (0,3), cabriol with back leg and turn on 180 (0,3) and leap with 2 legs in air (0,2) Photo 5
Photo 6  After that Sveta does 360 pivot in penche balance (0,4), stag leap with turn on 180, where she leaps through rope (0,4) and penche flexibility where rope twice wrapps around her elbow (0,3.). Then Rudalova does split leap with turn of body on 180 (0,5 - photo 5) and backscale pivot on 180 (0,4). As last combination Svetlana performs cossack leap with leg high and turn on 360 (0,7) and forward walkover (0,4). Having ties the rope she throws it behind shoulder, drops to the floor, catches on leg and finishes the routine (photo 6) 

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