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Svetlana Rudalova - Hoop 2002

 This routine was composed for Svetlana Rudalova in beginning of 2002 by Natalia Stepanova, who tells that Sveta associates with techno music and this routine proves it. Despite the title of the music "Disco" (by W.Scheleg) this routine has a real techno style. sShe starts the routine in a nice position with hoop held around her right leg. As the music starts, Sveta does 360 penche pivot with rotations of hoop around the working leg (TV 0,4 AV 0,1 - photo 1) and forward walkover with fixation of positio nin backscale, where she throws the hoop (TV 0,4)  
  Having caught, she performs next combination - stag leap with turn on 360 and backscale pivot on 180 (0,4). After that Rudalova throws hoop and catches it with legs after 3 rolls (AV 0,4 - photo 2) Then Sveta quickly stand up, does penche flexibility, where she twice exchanges handling of apparatus behind working leg, Utyascheva flexibility (0,6) and a cabriol with back leg. Then Rudalova moves straight by doing arch leap (0,3), where she rolls hoop over shoulder arms (AV 0,2), front balance with rotations of hoop on working leg (TV 0,3 AV 0,1) and side balance with roll of hoop over shoulder arms (TV 0,3)
 Here she does some choreography moves, sitting in pliye, then benting body backwards to the leg held in irobesque position. Then she throws hoop and catches it in stag leap with back bent (TV 0,3 AV 0,2) and then to finish the combination does another stag leap with back bent (0,3) and side flexibility with body almost lying on the hoop. Here she forms a nice body position (photo 3) and does a pivot combination of 360 pivot with body parallel to the floor with exchange of handling of appratus, 360 pivot with hoop on working leg (0,3) and illusion backwards (0,3)  
After that Sveta moves straight by throwing hoop behind shoulder on chausee and catches it in stag leap with back bent (TV 0,3 AV 0,2) and then does again 0,3 stag leap and cabriol with back bent and turn on 180 during the flight (0,3) Then she again moves to the centre of the floor by doing 0,5 split leap with turn of body on 180 during the flight and after a step does 720 pivot without help (0,4) and 360 with help (0,1). Then Sveta throws hoop and catches it by doing split leap (AV 0,2). In that corner 
Rudalova performs tourlent in penche position (0,4), stag leap with turn on 180 during the flight (0,4) and flexibility with leg in split and body bent forwards to supporting leg (0,2). Then she rolls hoop on floor and as it returns to her, she prepares to throw it with leg form split leap (starting from two legs). Having caught, Sveta raises her right leg, puts hoop on the working foot and performs extremely difficult tourlent on toe with turn on 180 (0,6 - photo 4) and after illusion backwards (0,3). To finish Rudalova throws the hoop and the catch is very original. Finish position on photo 5)

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