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Tatiana Popova - Clubs 1997

 This routine is certainly the best routine ever done for Tatiana Popova. She won a medal on World Championships 1997 with it and of course it show the talent of Irina Deruigina as choreographer. The music is called Children by Robert Miles. It's very popular even now, you can hear it often on the radio. Popova is starting the composition on the floor in a fantastic position with back bent clubs lying on her chest.  


As the routine starts Tatiana takes the clubs using some ballet movements and sits on her knees, bends backwards again and rotates the club fast. After that she throws both clubs and catches easily just after sine nivenenrs if hands. Then Tatiana stands up using back bent and having stood on two legs, she performs quite original B balance, like listening to what her working leg is saying (photo 2) . After that she stands in a side balance followed by a back scale. Then Popova throws on eclub in the air and quickly changes the hand handliing another club. Club is caught in a different way by taking the apparatus under the leg in a split leap
After that Tatiana does a great 720 pivot with leg in a split, being very careful on landing. Then she throws the clubs in the same moments, catching 1st one and then second one in a split leap with backwards back bent. AFter that she stands in a nice side balance, followed by some great body elements sitting on the knees (photo 3). Then goes an interesting apparatus element. Tatiana "beats" one club on the floor by a club in her hand and it jumps! Then she extends herself on arms and stands up and on the floor she straight does high again.   

Here goes again an interesting apparatus element : Tatiana puts clubs on her back and turns on 180 degrees. After that she throws one club, leaps diagonally and catches it in a high attitude (photo 4) after which she does a wonderful 720 degrees attitude pivot. Then she does a magnificent backwards walkover on elbows and having landed on knees, where she immediately stands in a penche balance. There she performs a ring leap and 2 pivots, first one with turn on 720 and second one with turn on 360
 ^hen she stands in an interesting side balance, throws the club, split leaps, does a ring leap and catches the apparatus. Then she throws one club, second club (but not as high), rolls, catches  the 2nd club and 1st, stands in an attitude on her knee, throws two clubs, rolls, catches the club and finishes  


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