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Katerina Pisetsky - Rope routine 2002

 This routine was composed for Katya in the begining of 2002 when she was on gathering with her Israel coach Natasha Asmolov in Belarus by choreographers from Belarus (Natalia Stepanova). Music "Modern Direction" by Gary Gold quite nicely fits Katya. Even though she admits that rope is her least favourite apparatus, still it brings a lot of joy to spectators to watch that routine. She starts her rope routine standing in a beautiful front skill with helo, holding one of rope in her hand and she steps on the middle of rope with supporting foot. As the music starts, Katya throws rope in forward illusion and does a mix catch to get the apparatus (hand+foot). The whole throw and catch bring her 0,2 bonus to A2. Then Pisetsky sits on floor and while standing up perpforms o 360 tourlent with body parallel to the floor (0,5) and jete en tournant with turn on 180 and ending in the position of stag leap with back bent (0,4). After that she throws rope behind shoulder and as a catch does straight jump through rope (AV 0,1+0,1) and then a combination of 2 jumps through rope with its' rotations backwards (AV 0,1). Then Katya does extremely difficult leap combination, which consists of 2 stag leaps with turn of body on 180 during the flight (0,4 each) and cabriol with turn on 180 (0,3). Here she gets also 0,2 to artistic value for uniting elements of combination with additional step. After this magnificent element Katya moves staight by doing arch leap through rope (0,3) and near the line of the carpet rest for a second to throw rope behind shoulder again. Katya catches ends of rope by doing a stag leap with back bent through it (AV 0,2 TV 0,3), then leap starting from two legs united together in air and having landed on knees, does a front balance with rotations of rope on working leg (TV 0,3 AV 0,1). After that Pisetsky stands up, does a brilliant 360 tourlent on toes with leg in split without help (0,7) and a spiral pivot (0,3). Then Katya does a variation of entrelace with swing of one leg and second leg goes in split with back bent and turn on 180 (0,3). To finish the combination she performs rond of the leg from forward position to backwards with benting supporting leg progressively (0,5). After  that Katya throws rope behind shoulder and having caught does a pivot combination, which consists of 720 pivot leg aside without help (0,4) and cossack leap with leg high and turn on 180 during the flight (0,6). To gain higher score in A2, she performs three jumps through rope with it's rotations backwards (AV 0,1) and without stops moves by doing split leap through rope with turn of the trunk on 180 during the flight (0,4), which is followed by tourlent on 360 with body parallel to the floor (0,5) and a cabriol leap. After that Katya performs a difficult 360 pivot with body parallel to the floor in the left side (0,4), leap from one leg and turn on 360 (0,2) and penche flexibility (0,3) with wrapping rope around supporting leg. After that she does rond of leg with help (0,3), side flexibility (0,3) and a jump from 2 legs with trun on 720 (0,4). To finish the routine Ktya ties rope, throws it, performs double roll and catches.   

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