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Natalia Godunko - Rope 2002

 This routine was surely the best routine of Natasha. Irina Deruigina once admitted that this routine has one of the most difficult elements and work with appratus. I think everybody will agree to this statement. It was changing from 2001 to end of 2002 a lot, it's impossible to write all the elements and combinations Natasha did, so I took as an example her rope routine on European Championships in Granada 2002. She starts the routine in a sexy position with her legs a little bent and rope held with hands behind back (photo 1). As the music starts, she opens the routine with technique pivot combinaion - pivot with body parallel to the ground and turn on 360 (TV 0,4) - photo 2, pivot with leg high without help sideways and turn on 360 (TV 0,3)  and cabriol with back leg.   Photo 1
 Photo 2  After that she does a wave and throws rope. Having done some "jogging" steps. she catches the rope and goes through it (0,3 TV, 0,2 AV). then she does another stag leap with double rotation of rope (0,3 TV, 0,1 AV) and 3rd stag leap (0,3 TV) where she throwos rope behind hand. As she catches the rope, she jumps through it (AC 0,1), does a very funny hoop and starts leaping combination which is very difficult and perharps nobody in the world can repeat it. She does an arch leap (TV 0,3), leap with turn of the trunk on 180 during the flight (TV 0,4) and cossack leap with turn on 180 (0,4) all without additional step!
After that goes next balance combination, where she does a balance with leg high without help (TV 0,3), then another balance with body parallel to the ground and three movements of apparatus (0,3) and stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4). Then goes quite easy 0,6 leap combination, which consists of two stag leaps with back bent (TV 0,3 each)/ After that Natasha does pivot combination which is started by turn in penche position on 360 (0,4) and stag leap with turn. It's still pivots combination, because it is started by pivot element. Then she throws rope, does a chaussee and catches it in an arch leap (AV 0,2 TV 0,3), a jump with two legs up and turn on 360 (0,2) and pivot in backscale (0,4).  Photo 3
 Photo 4  Photo 5
Photo 6  After that she spends some time dancing and working with rope in quite a tricky way (photo 4 and 5). However, under new COP there is no time to rest and she starts a serie of small jumps with double rotation of rope (AV 0,1 each) and ends it by doing double rotation of rope in stag leap (AV 0,1). After that she gathers rope into 4, does leap from two legs to sessone with back bent and without additional step does fish balance with beg bent (photo 6) and jumps from 2 legs with tur on 360 (TV 0,2)/ Then Natasha puts rope around her neck and does some steps, while rope turns on neck (AV 0,1 for work with apparatus without hands). 
After that she does 0,4 tourlent (body parallel to the ground) and cossack leap with turn on 180 leg high without help (photo 7), during which she ties the rope and then throws it behind back and catches behind back. Then she does walkover forwards with fixation of position of backscale, while gathering rope, stag leap with turn on 180 and leap from one leg. Quite Difficult finish with triple roll and catch on leg (AV 0,3+0,1). Finishing position maybe different (photo 8 and 9) Photo 7
 Photo 8  Photo 9

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Photo 1, 4 and 5 (c) Tom Theobald
Photo 7 (c) Dirk Zimmerman