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Natalia Godunko - hoop 2002

This routine was created for Natalia in 2001. It's a nice soundtrack from the movie the Skulls by Randy Edelman. She starts the routine standing on her toes with hand covering her face (photo 1). As the music starts, she throws hoop and catches it during 1st leap combination after 1st stag leap with back bent (0,3) in 2nd stag leap with back bent (0,3 AV 0,2). She finishes combination in upper left corner of the carpet, but there she starts flexibility combination, which consists of tourlent with leg in split and trunk parallel to the floor and turn on 360, while hoop performs rotations on the working leg (TV 0,5 AV 0,1 - photo 2), leap from one leg with turn on 360 (0,2) and spiral turn from one leg on 360 (0,3)
  Then she throws hoop again and catches it in a leap with go of body through hoop in the same phase of flight (AV 0,2) . She finishes element with holding hoop with two hands behind back, which is very confortable to throw from hands behind back (AV 0,1), after which she catches after break dance movement with two legs on floor (AV  0,2). Lying on the floor, she tosses hoop with 2 foot (AV 0,1) and hoop performs rotations in the air. Having caught, she stands up and starts pivot combination - 720 pivot with holding leg aside (0,4), 360 pivot with leg aside (0,3) and stag leap with turn on 180 during the flight (Dzoubchuk originality - 0,3).
  After that she throws hoop behind shoulder (AV 0,1) and catches in 0,3 arch leap (AV 0,2) and to finish combination does stag leap with back bent (0,3) with roll of hoop on shoulder-arms (AV 0,2) and pivot with body parallel to the ground with turn on 360 (AV 0,2). Then she throws hoop again, does 3 rolls and catches with legs (AV 0,2 for 3 rolls and 0,2 for catch with legs on floor), does big roll of hoop over the legs and trunk (AV 0,1), rotations of hoop on neck and starts balance combination by doing balance on knee with trunk bent backwards at 90 degrees and hoop performing rotations on working leg (TV 0,4, AV 0,1) and stag leap with turn on 360 during the flight (0,5) 
   After that goes Natasha's spectacular element. Most gymnast nowadays prefer to do 3 illusions with holding apparatus in hand and to get only 0,5 for technical value of the routine, but as Natasha is a very speedy gymnast, she can easily do 3 illusions UNDER hoop and gets 0,2 to artistical value of the composition. She continues the combination by doing a leap in split from two legs with back bent. After that goes cossack leap with turn on 180 and leg high (0,6) and 180 turn in backscale (0,4). Now she has some time to rest and does some magical steps with rolling hoop in shoulder-arms (photo 4), does not very difficult throw of hoop again with pushing leg forwards (photo 5) and catches with hands behind back (AV 0,1)
 Then she starts very beautiful rotations of hoop on working leg in irobesque (photo 6) and having got the hoop, does a leap from two legs and a balance with holding leg in front in split and with help. Then she does stag leap with back bent and turn on 180 (0,5), 720 pivot with leg in split and with help (0,2) and 0,3 pivot with turn on 360 without help.  After that she starts her last combination - it's walkover forwards with fixation of position in backscale, stag leap with back bent (0,3) and side balance (0,3). She finishes the same as starting position, but sitting on the floor. (photo 7)  

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