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Natalia Godunko - Clubs routine 2002

 It's not a new routine for Natasha, she does it since 2001, but I write combinations which she did on Stuttgart Grand Prix 2002. It's exremely "speedy" routine where Natasha must really work very hard and fast. SHe starts a routine holding clubs with both clubs over her head (photo 1). As the music starts she does cossack leap with turn on 360 (0,5) and pivot with trunk at the horizontal and turn on 360 (0,4), pivot with leg aside without help and turn on 360 (0,3) where she throws both clubs (AV 0,1) and tries to catch during the pivot.   Photo 1
 Photo 2  Then goes one of Natasha's most spectacular elements with apparatus - she throws one club (other performs rotations), does triple roll (AV 0,2) and catches with foot on floor (AV 0,2), throws from foot (AV 0,1 - photo 2) and after break dance movements catches with another club (AV 0,1). Next goes her balance combination, which consists of 0,4 balance on knee with trunk bent backwards to be horizontal to the floor with 3 symertrical small circles of clubs, stands up and without stop continues combination by doing 180 ring leap with turn on 180 (0,5) and balance with holding leg in front with help and doing 1 movement of appratus - movement in shape of "eight"(0,1 - photo 3)
After that she throws one club behind back and catches it in a leap  , after which she puts one club on neck and does penche tourlent lon 360 (TV 0,4 AV 0,1 - photo 4), then she does leap from two legs up and turn and balance with holding leg in front (photo 5). next combination is leap combination, which is started by stag leap with turn on 360 and 0,4 cossack balance with leg high without help (photo 6).  Here she throws club again and catches it in arch leap (TV 0,3 AV 0,2), without additional step she performs 0,3 balance with leg aside without help and another 0,3 balance (leg in front).    Photo 3
Photo 4 Photo 5
Photo 6 Then goes another leap combination - split leap (0,2), stag leap with back bent (0,3) and stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4) Here she does circle serie of mills with clubs and gains artistic value - 0,1 After that she puts leg sideways in split, does 180 tourlent balance on toes (0,6( and leap from 2 legs to split with back bent (0,4) After that she throws club behind back (AV 0,1) and during the catch, pushes leg front in split, throws up both clubs, so that they did rotations in air, catches with back bent, throws one club, does illusion and roll to catch (Av 0,1). Then she does leap combination
In arch leap she throws clubs below a leg (TV 0,3 AV 0,2) - photo 7, and catches during stag leap with back bent (AV 0,2) and then does 3rd leap, which is also stag leap with back bent. After that she does her originality : one club is held with the sole of the foot ; walkover backwards to a penche position without changing the handling of club. The other club performs rotations. So Natasha lands on floor and does balance combination on knee - balance with leg aside without help (0,3), balance with leg in front without help and stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4) Photo 7
 Photo 8  After that she finishes the routine with leap combination by doing stag leap with back bent, leap from 1 leg with turn on 180 and turn in backscale. Finish position shown on photo 8

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