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vOlena Dzoubchuk - Rope 2002

This routine was actually created for Lena by Oksana Rizatdinova, but the combinations were a lot changed by Deruigins during the end of 2001 year. The music isn't slow, more country like and Olena is good to it! She starts the routine on knee in the like "thinking" position, which looks great (photo 1). As the music starts she does mixed combination by doing balance in cossack position with leg high without help (TV 0,4 photo 2), walkover forwards with fixation of position in backscale (TV 0,4) and leap from 2 legs with turn on 360 during the flight (TV 0,2) Photo 1
Photo 2 Then Lena ties the rope and wraps around her foot to throw from that foot (AV 0,1) and catches in 1st leap combination in 1st arch leap (TV 0,3 AV 0,2), then she does leap from two legs with additional step to backscale and stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4). After that she lets rope work on foot a bit. She puts one end of rope on a leg, does a switch of legs, so that rope turned (AV 0,1) and starts pivot combination - 360 fish balance with holding working leg with rope (0,3), 720 pivot with body parallel to the ground (0,5) and leap from 2 legs in air and turn on 360 (0,2). 
 Having does that, Lena does element to gain artisctic value score - 3 jumps through rope with its rotations backwards.  After that she starts leap combination - leap from two legs in a split with front higher than back leg and back bent, her originality leap, which costs 0,3 (vertical jump with leg at the horizontal with 1/2 turn of the whole body, without stop during the 1/2 turn, Olena performs a stag leap with turn of body on 180 degrees) and 0,3 front balance (photo 3). There she works with rope, holding it by 1 end and having caught the 2nd end she starts leap combination, which consists of two stag leaps (photo 4) with back bent and vertical jump from one leg and turn on 360 (0,2).  Photo 3 
Photo 4 Then Olena throws rope, does a cossack with turn on 360 leg high without help (0,7) and 2 ring leaps, during the second one Dzoubchuk performs double rotation of rope (TV 0,2 each AV 0,1).. After that she performs a penche pivot in 360 with rope work on supporting leg (TV 0,4 AV 0,1) and stag leap with turn on 360 during the flight (0,5) Then she throws rope again and does 0,3 switch leap which ends in a position of arch leap, catches rope during stag leap with back bent with straight rotation of hoop (AV 0,2), spiral pivot on 360 (0,3). 
After that she does pivot combination, which consists of 720 pivot with leg aside without help (0,4), 360 pivot with leg aside without help (0,3) and dish pivot on 360 (0,3). Then she throws rope behind shoulder and catches in a straight jump in rope (AV 0,1). Here goes 360 tourlent with leg aside and 0,5 balance (high attitude). After that she ties rope, throws it and catches on foot after walkover on floor.(photo 5) Photo 5

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