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Olena Dzoubchuk - Hoop 2002

 This routine is really one of the best routine Olena ever performed. Music from Carmina Burana really fits her, she is very artistical and doing difficult elements, she doesn't forget about expression and forms a beautiful image on the carpet. She starts the routine in a gorgeous position, which is simple and wonderful at one and the same time. As the music starts,  Olena throws hoop, does leap from 2 legs in split with back bent (0,4) ring leap with turn on 180 (0,5) and front balance with help, where hoop is rotating on working leg (TV 0,1 AV 0,1)/)  Photo 1
 Photo 2  Then she throws hoop again and catches it after arch leap (0,3) in leap from two legs with one higher than another (AV 0,2 TV 0,4) and fish balance (TV 0,3), where she tosses hoop again and catches it with 2 hands behind back (AV 0,1). After that Olena does a pivot vombination - 360 pivot with leg in apslit aside (0,3), 360 pivot with leg in high attitude (0,5) and leap from one leg  with turn on 360 (0,2). After that she throws hoop again, does 2 rolls (AV 0,1) and catches with legs without vision control on floor (AV 0,2). Here she starts balance combination - balance on knee with leg in split and trunk bent backwards at 90 degrees with hoop rotating on working leg (AV 0,1)
 and then walkover forwards with fixation of postion in backscale (0,4) and hoop holding on neck. Then she does rotations of hoop on knees with beautiful movements of head and body (photo 3), which is just a preparation for tourlent on toes, which is started immediately - she does tourlent with turn on 180 with leg in split without help (0,6) and without additional step, she continues the combination by doing flexibility tourlent with turn on more than 180 and trunk parallel to the floor (0,4). After that in the same corner of the floor Olena starts pivot combination, which consists of 720 pivot with leg aside without help (0,4), 360 pivot with leg aside without help (0,3) and side balance (0,3). After that she throws hoop again and catches in switch leap with end in split leap with back bent (0,5), then goes cossack leap with turn on 360 and without additional step 360 pivot with help (0,1)  Photo 3
Photo 4 Then she does boomerang roll of hoop on floor and on return of hoop, she comes to it and throws it in arch leap (0,3), then she does stag leap with back bent, where she catches hoop (AV 0,2) and does 360 pivot with body parallel to the ground (0,4) while hoop works on working leg (AV 0,1). I want to say that it's quite risky to do such a throw in a combination, because it's quite likely that it goes outside the carpet and combination will be broken, but Lena has nice risk there! After this great element Olena starts balance combination - balance with leg high in irobesque (TV 0,5 photo 4) and balance with leg high in attitude (TV 0,5). 
Photo 5 Photo 6
Then she throws hoop behind back (AV 0,1), catches hoop, does a leap with turn of the body on 180 with roll of hoop (0,4 TV 0,2 AV), rond of leg backwards (0,3 - end position of the element on photo 5) and flexibility where she bents back to working legs (TV 0,3 - photo 6). After that goes last throw and catches after walkover with legs (AV 0,2). She finishes the routine in an expressive position on the floor (photo 7) Photo 7

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