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Olena Dzoubchuk - Clubs 2002

This routine was done for Lena in 2001. With it she competed on Worlds 2001 in Madrid and really impressed the audience. The music is very beautiful there - Reprise / Snake and Skeleton (from The Skulls). She starts the routine, holding clubs in two hands over the head (photo 1). As the music starts, she does 360 pivot in penche position (0,4) and stag leap with turn on 360 during the flight (0,5). After that she throws 1 club behind a shoulder (AV 0,1), catches and starts leap combination, which consists of 2 stag leaps with back bent and leap from two legs with turn on 540 during the flight (0,3).   Photo 1
Photo 2  After that she thows both clubs and does extremely difficult catch of both clubs behind back (AV 0,2). Very often she drops at least 1 club there or catches both by heads. Then she throws both clubs again, does beautiful split leap (0,1 - photo 2) and catches during stag leap with back bent (TV 0,3 AV 0,2), does two pivots - 720 with leg aside without help (0,4) and 360 leg aside without help (0,3 - photo 3), where she throws both clubs and tries to catch during the same pivot. After that she throws both clubs in illusion and caches below leg in cossack leap (0,2 AV). 
 Then she does balance tourlent with leg aside and turn on 180 (0,6) and 0,4 stag leap with turn on 180 during the flight. After that she does leap from two legs in split with back bent and balance with leg high in irobesque (0,5). Here she sits on floors with rotations of clubs, does irobesque on knee (0,1) and high attitude on knee (0,5), to finish the combination she does 0,4 walkover with fixation of position in backscale. After that she throws one club, does a schine turn and catches behind back (AV 0,1). After that she does pivot with leg high in attitude on 360 (0,5), stag leap and spiral pivot from one leg and turn on 360 (0,3) Photo 3  
Photo 4 Then she throws one club, does double roll (0,1) and catch with foot (AV 0,2). After that she quickly stands up, does round serie of mills (AV 0,2) and leap again, where she throws both clubs below leg and catches in backscale (AV 0,3 - photo 4). Then goes leap combination -  360 cossack with turn on 360 during the flight (0,5) and balance with leg high in attitude (0,5). Then she does 3 schine turns,m after which she does balance combination, which consists of arch leap (0,3) and two balance (front and side)
 After that she does a step to do her originality leap (stag leap with turn on 180 during the flight starting and landing on one foot), rond of leg from side position to backwards (0,3) and flexibility with bending back to working leg held high (0,3). To finish the routine she drops to the floors and makes quite interesting finish position (photo 5)  Photo 5

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