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Anna Bessonova's ribbon 1999-2000

Before ribbon routine on EC 2000 in Zaragoza

Marvelous routine created by Irina Deruigina and Anna Bessonova. Anna makes this really difficult routine with amazing easiness. There are lots of various high leaps. The work with apparatus is very good. Spectators love this routine and because of dynamic music. Combining fast and slow elements with fast and slow music is perfect. Each music element is with interesting and original elements   photo 1
 Photo 2 Starting position of this routine is very interesting: (photo 1) Anna stands in vertical spagat and put the ribbon on the toes of her right leg (the one which is up) and keeps this position . When the music starts, Bessonova puts her right leg with ribbon down. Next element is very original. Ending of the ribbon , ties around Anna's right leg and the left one steps on the apparatus, the stick of the apparatus hangs in the air. Bessonova pulls the middle of the ribbon and the stick comes to her hands. photo 2) In the same elements Ukrainian gymnasts frees legs from apparatus and continues routine.
 Anya stands in vertical spagat. turns around the axis and in the same time twirls the ribbon in weird ways (photo 3). After that Anna leaps from the middle leaps are incredible high. In the corner Bessonova twirls a ribbon around the body once and makes a nice snake-twist (?) and runs to another place of the floor. While this cross, Anna doesn't forget about apparatus, she twirls the ribbon around her body, walks through it. On the way,, Bessonova stops for a minute, twirles the ribbon and in the same moment stands in vertical spagat. (photo 4)  photo 3
 Photo 4  Then Anna leaps to the middle of the carpet, where she does nice pirouettes. Then Bessonova moves the ribbon from one hand to another and throws it (the ending is hold in the hand) , sits on knees and in that position catches apparatus. (photo 6) After that throw, Anna moves by doing different leaps, twirls the ribbon, to the left corner. There she twirls a ribbon around herself  and does a snake-twist (?) twice
Then Anna throws the ribbon up, stands in vertical spagat and when she is changing the position back to normal, Bessonova catches the ribbon. Anna does a forward roll , quickly stands up . Till this throw the music was quiet and gentle, after it the music changes to loud and nervous. But the changing goes smooth. The first elemet under loud music is a catch  the ending of the ribbon (photo 7), Bessonova pulls the apparatus and catches the stick.  Photo 6 
 photo 7 Then a gymnast takes a little rest by going on the floor, twirling ribbon around. After some moment Anya throws the ribbon straightly up and easily catches it after doing 2 illusions. Then Bessonova leaps diagonally to another corner. There she throws the ribbon, holding the end of it. The apparatus goes backwards, but Bessonova in the leap strongly moves it forwards (photo8), stands on her knees, moves the head down and finishes the routine, under sounds of electro guitar (photo 9)
 photo 8  Photo 9

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