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Anna Bessonova - Rope 2002

Anna Bessonova changed the routine because Deruigins wanted to have all her routines changed to Europeans. I think it was a good choice to choose music from movie Spy Game (written by Henry Gregson-Williams) . This music shows a lot from the world of Bessonova and it fits her.  As starting  position she sits in frog with her her body bent backwards and rope turned 4 times around her right hand (photo 1). As the music starts, Anya does some movements to show expression and (photo 2), stands up and does her 1st combination - first is her wondeful D pivot (with rond of leg from attitude (1080) to irobesque) and stag leap with back bent with turn on 360. As the first element is pivot, the whole combination is pivot.  Photo 1
 Photo 2 Then she does 2nd combination Anya makes 360 pivot tourlent (TV - 0,5) and stag leap without additional step (AV - 0,1) with back bent and turn on 180 degres. Having done some magical steps, Anya does her originality (AV - 0,1) while doing 3rd combination. She does walkover forwards with fixation of position in backscale (TV - 0,4) ,  a tourlent without additional step (body parallel to the floor and turn on more than  180 - 0,4 TV) and a leap with one leg bent and turn on 360 (0,2). Many people think that first 2 elements of this "flexibility" combination is Gizikova originality, but it's not so as Anya does different 1st element to stand from floor. Her originality with rope (photo 3) is rotation of the doubled-up rope around an ankle, and when doing  forward walkover continuing to wrap rope around the ankle. 
Then she does 0,3 balance when leg is held high without help in front and havving done three technical movements with rope (requirement for the TV element), does a stag leap (turn on 360 - 0,5 TV) and without additional step a spiral pivot from one leg with turn on 360 (TV 0,3). . Then she does double rotation of rope in stag leap, where she gets bonus to artistic value (0,1) for use of apparatus. Thesn she throws rope and catches it after a arch leap (TV 0,3) in ring leap (TV - 0,3 AV - 0,2) and then during another leap rotates rope twice again (AV - 0,1). Afterwards she has some seconds of dance, wrapping the rope around her arm, but then goes into another element to gain artistic score. She throws rope in walkover (AV 0,2) and catches by doing mix catch - hand +foot (AV 0,1) .  Photo 3
Photo 4 After that she quickly has rope in 2, does a switch leap in split, penche flexibility and stag leap with turn on 180 in combination. After that she throws rope, does some schine turns, falls on floor in split and catches rope on legs in break dance movement (AV 0,2). After that she stands up from pliye in second position (photo 4) and goes into next combination - sossone with back bent and tuurn on 360 (TV 0,5) (photo 5) and cossack leap with turn on 360 (TV 0,5) during which Anya jumps through rope. Afterwards she has no time to rest and does next combination  she does pivot in backscale and jump in cossack with help leg high. 
Then she does some jumps through rope (combination of 2 jumps with double rotation of rope (AV - 0,1 for each). Then Anya does quite simple 0,6 leap combination, which consists of 2 stag leaps with back bent and another element for artistic value - three jumps through rope while rotating it backwards (AV 0,1). Then Anya does double illusion backwards (photo 6) (0,6 for TV) and leap in ring with supporting leg stretched with turn on 180 (0,4). To finish the routine, Anya throws rope behind back (AV 0,1) and catches on leg (AV 0,1) (photo 7). Finish position maybe different Photo 5
Photo 6 Photo 7

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